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Corn Flakes Questions Your Super Bowl Sunday Routine

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Christopher Polk/Getty Images

It's Super Bowl weekend!

Are you excited?

Are you going to/having a party?

If you're having a party, what do you find that people want the most in terms of food and drink? 
If you're going to one, what has to be there for you to attend?

Why isn't there a bad sweater alternative for Super Bowl Sunday? Don't give me this crap about wearing team colors, because there aren't that many of us who have teams that are in the Super Bowl (damn you, conservative, risk averse candy ass Packer coaches).

Will you be watching Katy Perry in the halftime show just to see how many different outfits she wears, or if something happens with her boobs? I know I will. It will probably be the highlight of the game.

All this is somewhat of a mystery to me because I don't socialize a whole lot. Maybe I used it up when I was younger.

Maybe my idea of socializing, i.e., going out and yelling out at people for no apparent reason, is frowned upon and I still haven't gotten it through my thick head that people just like to sit around and talk about things like their TVs or their new cars, cufflinks, I don't know, I haven't figured it out yet.

We will most likely have a game thread. I am not 100% sure if I'm going to a local bar (to yell at people, duh) or if I'm just going to stay home. The same applies to the Minnesota - Nebraska basketball game at the Barn. I'll probably decide about 30 minutes before it's time to go whether or not I'm going because that's how I do things. It keeps my stalkers guessing and irritated.

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The NTCA top-rated Nebraska women's bowling team continues its 2015 regular season on Friday.

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Morale is down for the Nebraska men’s basketball team after a 58-44 loss to Michigan, a game that was televised on ESPN’s "Super Tuesday" slot. The Huskers played in eight conference games and sport a 4-4 record. Last season Nebraska began the conference season 3-5 and turned it around to finish 11-7 in conference play, which was enough for Nebraska to go to its first NCAA Tournament under coach Tim Miles. Last season and this season seem to be polar opposites, but when looking at the numbers through the first eight games, the seasons aren’t as far off as you might think. Here’s a comparison between the first eight conference games in the 2013-14 and 2014-15 seasons, one ending up with an NCAA Tournament bid and the other still up in the air in terms of where it’ll end up.

'Simply a mystery' — Strange tracks in snow near Curtis

She hadn’t walked the east side of the golf course in Curtis for a couple of weeks — too cold, too much snow -- but something else had. And earlier this month, when Sharon Jorgensen and her border collie reached the cart path that climbs through the trees from the third fairway, she found the tracks that the something else had left behind.

Hey, it's in my home town!

Nation’s Landmarks Piled In Single Location For Easier Monitoring | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

BROADWATER, NE—In a move aimed at protecting the nation’s natural and historical heritage from potential threats, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced this week it had relocated all major American landmarks into one big, carefully guarded pile in the center of the country.

Hey, it's in Nebraska!

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