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Audio: Mike Riley's Phone Call To Nebraska Season Ticket Holders

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Hello? Operator?

David McGee

If you're a Nebraska Cornhuskers Season Ticket Holder, you're either going to get a phone call or have received a phone call from a odd number in Lincoln.

Who could it be? Well check the messages ZOOMG IT'S MIKE RILEY ON THE LINE.

Sounds like this is making the rounds. A fairly nice gesture, although there are some folks who probably don't care for the phone call type of nature (if you despise telemarketing, this probably was a cooler for you).

Interestingly enough, it sounds like this isn't the first time Alexander Graham Bell's invention has been used to get folks to watch the mail from the Nebraska AD.

And, who knows, maybe it was recorded in the spirit of Nebraska Football as well.

If you're a Memorial Stadium STH, let us know your thoughts on the matter.