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Corn Flakes: Where the Effort Is Like Nebrasketball

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I put the worth "effort" into the search of Getty. This driver is making an effort to drive that car.
I put the worth "effort" into the search of Getty. This driver is making an effort to drive that car.
Darren McCollester/Getty Images

I had a good bit going, but didn't get to finish it because the washer overflowed and flooded the washroom, so it was a fun evening last night.

I put more effort into the clean up than the Nebrasketball team did against Michigan, though, so there is that.

Blacked Out: Huskers fall to Michigan - Corn Nation
Looking to capitalize on some momentum after picking up back-to-back wins, the Huskers fell to Michigan 58-44.

Michigan 58, Nebraska 44: No LeVert, No Walton, No Problem - Maize n Brew

Without its two best playmakers in Caris LeVert and Derrick Walton on the floor, Michigan still found a way to keep its season alive with a 58-44 home win over Nebraska.

What a horrible game. It's like they think they accomplish something by beating Michigan State, then expect Michigan to roll over, or what?

Thing is, it was a very winnable game. Michigan was awful at shooting the ball, but the Huskers look uninterested, especially star Petteway. Tim Miles.... well, any coach has their work cut out for them keeping a team motivated throughout the season and the best teams are the ones that keep themselves motivated.


Everyone’s stealing jokes online. Why doesn’t anyone care? - The Washington Post

There's good money in tweeting jokes you didn't write.

Damn. I'm in the wrong end of this business.

Marshawn Lynch at media day: 'I'm just here so I won't get fined.' | Seahawks Blog | Seattle Times

But they would be disappointed. Lynch was there for five minutes and answered questions from an assortment of people, including Deion Sanders and a seven-year-old kid, with the same answer:

The media anger at Lynch is hilarious. HIs ability to capitalize on it makes it even more hilarious.

Nine Years After Suffering a Devastating Injury, Tyson Gentry is Still Paying Forward | Eleven Warriors
Nearly nine years after suffering an injury that left him unable to walk, Ohio State football player Tyson Gentry has launched a non-profit to support others dealing with spinal injuries.

KIRK FERENTZ: UNINVITED - Black Heart Gold Pants
He just wants to go to your party, and he'll get as cool as he needs to be. (Includes an appearance by Mike Riley!)

The Curious Case of Daishon Neal - Maize n Brew

Taking a look at how things broke down between Michigan and the Nebraska defensive end commit.

Read the comments. Oh, those Michigan Men.