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Daishon Neal Announces On 1620 The Zone He Is Sticking With Nebraska

The #1 player in the state of Nebraska stays at Nebraska.

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Well, that was a buildup to a whole lot of nothing, really.

DaiShon Neal, the Number 1 player in the state of Nebraska, a Defensive End from Omaha Central, took a look around at Oregon, Oklahoma and even heard from Michigan this week. But in the end, he'll stay a Husker and stick with Nebraska.

Why is this such a big deal? Neal himself talked about how the coaching change and the relationship with former Nebraska DL coach Rich Kaczenski made the relationship stick. But, obviously, with the firing of Bo Pelini and the release of Kaz, that completely changed.

The hiring of Mike Riley, Mark Banker and Hank Hughes had to re-recruit Neal to Nebraska and create a relationship with him. It's easy to say "well, stick with Nebraska cause they recruited you". Not in this aspect. Every recruit was brand new to the staff. So, yes, it's a big deal that the #1 player in the state who got called by Michigan, Ohio State, and Texas A&M (this is according to Neal on the radio). Plus, LOL MATTISON with a tactical error.

Now, believeable or not and attention and such, it's over and Nebraska scores a victory where everyone (myself included) thought he was gone.

Great news is great. Appreciate that he's coming to Lincoln.... and prepare for more good news this week.

The staff? Well yea, they dig it.

UPDATE: Here's the audio of the interview on 1620 the Zone.