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Big Red Cobcast: Chad Kelsay Interview

Ryan and Pat interview Chad Kelsay about his time at Nebraska, Charlie McBride and regime changes.

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Do you like Cornhusker football? You do? Good.

Do you like National Championships? You do? Good.

Do you like Nebraska boys dominating offensive lines of opposing teams? You do? Perfect!

Chad Kelsay, Auburn, Nebraska native, did all of those things. He also played pro ball in Pittsburgh and St. Louis. Guess what else he did! He talked to us today about everything we care about, like playing for Dr. Tom and Coach McBride, growing up in small town Nebraska and playing for the team he grew up cheering for and then winning the first national championship, in his life time, for that team and being the brother of Chris Kelsay, who also was a Husker standout and long time NFLer.

I didn't get a chance to ask him his a opinion on the attractiveness of Ameer Abdullah. I guess I failed you guys on that part but I feel that generally we cover that topic better than anyone else so hopefully you forgive us this one time.

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