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How Does Nebraska Stand After This Weekend's Recruiting Efforts?

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Mike Riley's staff went all out for several OV's this weekend. The results are not in yet, but the initial returns look glorious.

David McGee

This weekend, the Nebraska Cornhuskers hosted several official and unofficial visitors in their next to last weekend of OV's before National Signing Day 2015.

What did the young men think of the trip? We'll let the tweets tell some of the story.


Now, on to the important news of the weekend.

Kaiwan Lewis seemed to love his visit to Lincoln. However, don't look for a decision pretty quickly, at least this week. He's still planned on his visit to Rutgers, and will probably make a decision after that. If the Knights can't match Nebraska, he'll be N. For Lewis, it's not about facilities and such but how he's going to fit in a one year scheme match-up.

Willie Sykes seemed to REALLY dig his trip to Lincoln. He'll be hosting a couple of Nebraska coaches this week, and with the way he seemed to enjoy his time in Lincoln, he could commit very soon and flip from Washington State.

- Daishon Neal seemed to enjoy his weekend as well, but you better believe that Nebraska still isn't a big lock here. Even if Benning's statement above comes to fruition, there will still be in-home visits coming this week.

Tyrin Ferguson is solid as you can get after this weekend.

Mohamed Barry has a big decision to make whether he stays at Kansas State or heads to Miami or Nebraska. MikeRiley's staff made a big impression on the kid, but it's up to him to find his fit. Word on the street is he wants to have "zero drama" on NSD, so look for a decision soon.


While we're here, a couple of other notes to pass along:

-Since Gabe Miller missed all of last season with a back issue that was originially called "day to day", one has to wonder if he'll be going on medical redshirt. With Paul Kelly being a one-and-done player last year, Nebraska has extended an offer to Gluhaich to Long Snap. Last year, Josh Faulkenberry and Nathan Gerry were splitting time at LS, according to reports.

- Looks like Nebraska is going after Texas Tech WR verbal Quan Shorts from Atascocita HS in Humble TX, right outside Houston. He was a Tech verbal after decomitting from Texas-San Antonio, but has had some decent offers.


The big rush to NSD is coming and we'll be here for you to get all the FREE info you can get from SBNation's Recruiting team.