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Nebraska's Visitor List For Big Red Meet & Greet This Weekend

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It's a big weekend with less than 2 weeks to NSD. Here's who the Huskers are visiting, and the potential commitments.

Willie Sykes
Willie Sykes
Student Sports

It's no secret that the loss of Reuben Jones is bad for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Not only do you not like getting a flip from under you (more than likely) in-conference, but Jones's position of Defensive End leaves the Huskers potentially needing to bring in a lot of kids to see if they can get better at that spot.

Fortunately, Ryan Gunderson and Andy Vaughn has set up a Nebraska Meet & Greet this weekend, which will host over a dozen visitors, both official and unofficial, committed and prospecting, and for both the 2015 and 2016 cycle. It's a big time weekend that Nebraska is hoping to get some kids committed (or, at the least, decided on what they want).

Here are the kids and situations visiting for Nebraska. As always, this is fluid and changes through the weekend.

'15 Early Enrollees: 
Avery Anderson
Eric Lee
Aaron Williams
Dedrick Young

'15 Unofficial Visitors (all Nebraska verbals): 
Carlos Davis
Kahlil Davis
Christian Gaylord

'16 Unofficial Visitors:
John Raridon (Neb verbal)
Jared Bubak (Neb verbal) 
Matt Farniok

'15 Official Visitors:

Michael Decker: Decker should be solid here.

Daishon Neal: This is easily Nebraska's best and last chance to keep Neal as a Husker. Neal visited Oklahoma last week, and word is that Jerry Montgomery visited him in-home last night. It's been said that Neal is giving Nebraska every chance to stay in this game, and this is Mike Riley's best opportunity to convince Neal to stop his recruitment and realize how solid he'll have it in Lincoln, as Jim Harbaugh is scheduled to send the gang from Michigan next weekend.

Devine Ozigbo: Oz will be very solid as well. He will more than likely be the only Running Back taken in this class.

Willie Sykes: Even though Sykes committed to Washigton State this past week, Nebraska's going to put the full court press on this one. There's no reason to not think a flip for the Huskers could happen here.

Mohamed Barry: Nebraska's best chance at a Linebacker verbal could happen with Barry. He is a kid who is looking for a home away from his verbal (Kansas St), kind of like the Neal story with Nebraska. Mohamed visited Miami last week, and Nebraska gets the last shot on him this week. From interviews earlier in the week, it sounded like he was very open to coming to Lincoln to check things out. There are issues with grades here in that Barry could be a qualification risk, but Trent Bray really believes in Barry's ability to get in UNL and play for Nebraska.

Kaiwan Lewis: Lewis, a JR Linebacker from New Jersey, will be a one year transfer project. He is tight with Michael Rose, and it'll be interesting to hear his thoughts on playing in Mark Banker's system for a season. Even thought he was 3rd on the depth chart, Lewis was a decent 3 star recruit with a fair amount of P5 offers. Trent Bray is the lead on this one as well.

There are many players visiting, will there be opportunities for the #HuskersJustGotBetter to come out? We'll be on top of it WHEN it happens.


Thanks to Student Sports for all pictures you see above.