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Media Microscope Results: Brandon Vogel of Hail Varsity

The Corn Nation community provided their thoughts about Brandon Vogel, the managing editor for Hail Varsity Magazine. Here are the highlights.

The people of Corn Nation spoke and we listened! Here's what they had to say about Hail Varsity's Brandon Vogel.

Thumbs Up:

  • Presentation - You appreciated Vogel's use of various stats graphics to illustrate his points.
  • Concise Writing - See best comment.
  • Quantification - The man can quantify almost anything in the world of Huskers athletics.

Best Comment (Viking Husker):

Brandon Vogel is one of my favorite Husker media personalities. He is fair, his logic is sound, and his writing is concise. 5.

There is no downside.

Thumbs Down:

  • Peer Comparison - One commenter stated that Vogel is "not the writer Sam McKewon is..." (see comment below)
  • Hot Takes - Folks would like to see Vogel take part in more opinionated discussions.

Best Comment (LukeinNE):

I like Brandon. His writing is concise, I like how he presents his data. I gave him a 4 because he's not the writer Sam McKewon is (there's no shame in that), but overall a very, very solid option in the world of Husker football opinion and analysis.

Vogel scored an average of 3.8 in our first ratings poll (174 votes), which means the community thinks his work is significantly above average. Considering the quality of work Vogel churns out, it'll be interesting to see how our subsequent subjects fare.

Speaking of subsequent subjects, our very own Jon Johnston has volunteered to go under the hot seat next time around. I have a feeling he's going to wield his power in order to ensure a high rating :)

Thanks for all your feedback and hopefully we receive even more comments to discuss in future editions of the Media Microscope!