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Corn Flakes: Brown To YSU, Football To Use Performance Lab (For First Time?)

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I was going to do a Netflix piece, but I settled on this stuff instead.

Steven M. Sipple: Brown headed to where he's wanted : Latest Husker News

Ron Brown has accepted an assistant coaching position under Bo Pelini at Youngstown State — although Brown would've liked to stay at Nebraska, he tells the Journal Star.

Look for a fair amount of caterwauling on this one. Brown is much loved at Nebraska, but won't be here anymore. A fair number will want to believe that he didn't receive an interview because of his outspoken views on gay marriage or because "those above Riley wanted him gone", but I doubt that's an issue as much as Mike Riley wanted to hire his own guys.

I am fine with Brown leaving. I am fine with cleaning house and starting over (Charlton Warren wasn't around long enough to develop a "that's how we do it here" mentality, which might be why he's the guy that got retained) because Riley, as we all know, will have to win and probably win right away to be considered a success.

Bottom line - Ron Brown had his time at Nebraska. Thank you, Coach Brown.


Report: UNC to hire John Papuchis

Per, former Nebraska defensive coordinator John Papuchis is set to join the UNC staff. He will coach the defensive backs in Chapel Hill.

Best practices of 2014: How teams are stopping football's innovative offenses - Football Study Hall
What were the best defensive practices in the 2014 season for stopping spread option attacks?

Brad Johnson paid a bribe to tamper with footballs at the Super Bowl | ProFootballTalk
Former Buccaneers quarterback Brad Johnson has admitted to paying a bribe to have the footballs tampered with before the 2003 Super Bowl. Johnson, whose Buccaneers beat the Raiders at Super Bowl XXXVII, said he paid $7,500 to some people he did not identify so that they would scuff the balls set ...

Bad Balls II: Equipment complaint follows Gophers loss | Gold in the Barn |
"They were loose rims and [Nebraska uses] Adidas balls, that has something to do with it," Hollins said. "But we've still got to knock those down to finish out the play."

Jerry Jones Gifts $10.65 Million to Razorback Athletics - Arkansas Fight
The monument was designed by master sculptor Dick Idol. Idol says that when completed the "Wild Band of Razorbacks" monument will be one of the "the finest and most spectacular mascot based sculptures in North America." This whole paragraph is amazing.

Wisconsin's admission standards pushed Gary Andersen to Oregon St. -

A part of his surprising departure from Wisconsin had to do with admission standards. "It's been well [documented] there were some kids I couldn't get in school," the Badgers' former coach said. "That was highly frustrating to me. I lost some guys, and I told them I wasn't going to lose them.

So he went to a school where he'll have a helluva time recruiting anyone? Does this make sense to anyone?

"123456" Maintains the Top Spot on SplashData’s Annual "Worst Passwords" List

SplashData has announced its annual list of the 25 most common passwords found on the Internet – thus making them the "Worst Passwords" that will expose anybody to being hacked or having their identities stolen. In its fourth annual report, compiled from more than 3.3 million leaked passwords during the year, "123456"and "password" continue to hold the top two spots that they have held each year since the first list in 2011. Other passwords in the top 10 include "qwerty," "dragon," and "football."

What the hell, guys?

Nebraska Athletic Performance Lab

Boyd Epley states at the beginning of this piece that this is the first time it has been used for football. I find that hard to believe because I find it hard to believe that the previous coaching staff wouldn't have been interested in testing the performance of their athletes.

It's a good point with which to start an argument, but it's all in the past now.

BTW, does Body Eppley not look like he'd make a great evil scientist in a cheesy Netflix movie?

And More In Depth About The Lab