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Recruiting Notes: Huskers Turning Up On The 500 Mile Radius & Satellite Camps

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Ryan Gunderson and Andy Vaughn aim to help Mike Riley's job much easier.

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The Nebraska Cornhuskers are aiming to get through the 2015 cycle and start fresh on a new 2016 class with some big time ideas that helped Mike Riley's staff when he was with Oregon State.

Director of Player Personnel Ryan Gunderson and Football Operations Andy Vaughn talked to the media today about the plan for Nebraska as they start their work. Some of the highlights include:

The staff plans to use Satellite Camps in Texas, California and in Southern places like Florida to get better looks at kids that may not be able to get into Lincoln for camps and/or Big Red Weekend. The thought behind that is that staffers can get a look at kids that they wouldn't be able to see in-person and only go off of a highlight tape or Hudl video.

In that Satellite Camp snippet, some of the staff will be visiting the All Poly Camp in Utah this summer. This works well with the thought of what Riley's group did at Oregon State to get a few good kids. It also probably helps that Nebraska's new S&C man, Mark Phillip, is a Poly guy as well.

- The staff also stated that they wish to "own the 500 mile radius" that encompasses Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Illinois, the Dakotas and parts of Oklahoma and Texas. Plus, not only will they be keeping track of High School kids, but also JUCO players such as in Kansas and Iowa (HELLO IWCC). Each coach will be responsible for a certain area inside the 500 mile radius.

The money quote from Gunderson is this one:

"You look stupid when you are playing against kids that you could have gotten. We need to do our homework. At least recruit them, give them a shot. See them. Have them to camps, have them to games. I don’t want to play against good players that we could’ve gotten."

Who could have Nebraska gotten in that 500 mile radius to help them currently? Drew Ott, who went to Iowa is one, and Joe Burrow could be another one in this class, as well as Marquise Doherty.

- The Huskers will be taking approximately 19 kids in this class, which is 2 less than I have forecasted. That means they have at least 4 kids to get right now, which could be 6 if Daishon Neal and Reuben Jones bolt.

TWO WEEKS to National Signing Day. We will be here the whole time to get you the goods for FREE.