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The Big Red Cobcast: Carl, Bo And Bill Walk Into A Bar. Tom Osborne Ducks.

Can jokes go too far? Is there such a thing as too soon? Are certain Huskers off limits, while others aren't? Are we getting way too deep about this? (The correct answer is: Probably).

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My favorite part about Corn Nation is that no one knows what I look like. Except Jon. Jon knows what I look like. My second favorite thing about Corn Nation is that they let me have a podcast that millions and millions (hundreds and hundreds) of Husker fans cans listen to. Most of the time we just make jokes about how beautiful Ameer Abdullah is. Which I stand by. Ameer Abdullah is the second most attractive player to ever play for the Huskers. Eric Crouch is first - hands down. To this day he looks 22. He's like the Cher of Husker football. (I think that makes Bobby Newcombe like Sonny Bono).

I apologize for the tangent.

We've decided to take our podcast in a new direction this off season. Don't worry, you'll still get our super sweet jokes. That won't change. Ever. But we have decided that we are going to have roundtable discussions about things going on in and around Husker culture. As well as a lot more interviews. We have 3 big ones coming up in the next few weeks. They're a surprise for now but you'll want to tell your friends about them because they're so AWESOME. So go ahead and start freaking out... NOW.

This week for our first round table we are piggy backing a discussion coming out, on Corn Nation, about when jokes go to far or begin piling on and adding insult to injury.  We added our thoughts in an article, however, being made up of primarily comedians with the "look at me" mind set we still wanted to keep talking. So we did. Give it a listen and tell us how you feel in the comments. Try not to be mean though because none of us like to be made fun of.

If you have any ideas for future roundtables leave them in the comments, on our facebook page or tweet us.

Grown men should never have to write "tweet us".

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