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The Debut of the Corn Nation Media Microscope

Join the community as they critique the most prominent media voices and personalities of Husker Nation. In the debut edition of the Corn Nation Media Microscope, Brandon Vogel of Hail Varsity Magazine is on the hot seat.

Since Husker Nation has a perpetual jonesing for all things Huskers, those that cover the sports teams at Dear Old Nebraska U can become household names in an instant. If there's one thing that the fanbase loves more than the games themselves, it's over-analyzing the coverage of said games. Although the captivated audience may be able to briefly turn Biff the Blogger into a rockstar, they can also turn a local beat writer into public enemy number one just as quick.

The goal of this feature is to evaluate Husker Nation's popular writers and personalities through the lens of the fan. Let's critique those that critique for a living.

Think a columnist deserves more praise for his/her work? Let your feelings be known.

Does a radio personality need to be taken down a notch? Let your voice be heard.

Here's how the whole thing works:

  • I present the media personality up for your review (i.e. Joe Schmoe - Lincoln Journal Star)
  • You vote in the poll at the bottom of the article
  • You comment with the one thing you like most (Thumbs Up) and the one thing you dislike most (Thumbs Down) about the media personality under review (i.e. Thumbs Up - Love his honest take on the columns he writes/Thumbs Down - I wish he would stop referencing the previous coaching staff)
  • After enough responses are gathered, I will summarize all positive and critical comments in a later post. If you have the same sentiment as others that's perfectly fine as the point is to find the common denominator for each media personality.
  • Got it? Good.

First up on the Corn Nation hot seat is Brandon Vogel, the managing editor for Hail Varsity Magazine. You can view some of Brandon's past work here and you can check out his Twitter feed here, but here are a few of Vogel's notable works:

Have at it, Corn Nation. Let us know what you what you think of Brandon's work by voting in the poll below and by leaving a comment in the format detailed above. If you have an article or radio segment featuring Brandon Vogel you think the community should review before offering their critique, feel free to share that as well.