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The BIG Board: The Names To Pay Attention To For Nebraska's Push To Finish 2015

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Who are the Huskers looking to get verbaled to finish the year? Here's as much of a complete list as you'll get.

Willie Sykes
Willie Sykes
Student Sports

Today marks 17 days until National Signing Day for everyone. Your Nebraska Cornhuskers coaching staff has been just crushing the beat on this one, trying to get this class as well as they can.

Currently, according to 247 sports, Nebraska has the 27th best class in FBS, which also correlates in the 3rd best class in the Big Ten. That's going to change, and we have to all remember that it'll probably have good and bad days. First off, lets talk about the bad.

Who could leave: It doesn't look very good for Nebraska to keep both Reuben Jones and Daishon Neal. I would venture to say that out of both of the kids, Neal is probably the one that would stay out of the two. But don't be surprised if they both leave. Neal is being courted hard by Oklahoma, and Jones is going to probably (my guess) flip to Michigan.

Could they both stay? Absolutely, but I'm not going to really go out on that limb. Both players were really tied into Bo Pelini's staff, and even though Mike Riley and such have busted their butts to re-recruit them into Nebraska with the new staff, it's not looking good for either player.

I'm not very worried about Matt Snyder and his Michigan offer, he sounds committed to Riley's crew regardless.

Who could arrive: There are SEVERAL men who could be sporting N's on their helmets come next fall. Lets go over who Nebraska is in with.

Mohamed Barry

(Student Sports)

This Kansas State verbal at LB just got offered by the Huskers last week, and will be visiting Lincoln next weekend after he went down to Miami for a visit this weekend. Trent Bray and Charlton Warren could be plucking another kid out of Georgia.

Adrienne Talan

(Student Sports)

I keep pushing Talan, only because it's seemingly a matter of time before he commits to Nebraska. Iowa still wants Talan to visit, but it seems they are realizing it's not going to happen with him.

Terez Hall

(247 Sports)

Hall is visiting on January 30th. He visited Indiana this weekend, but Nebraska really is pushing hard for him. Another Georgia kid, which makes it seem like Charlton is pushing on this one as well.

Willie Sykes

(Student Sports)

This Corner is visiting next week from the Houston area. Mark Banker and Charlton is coming after this one and should get it over Purdue and Washington State.

Lavan Alston

(247 Sports)

Alston is also coming on January 30th. It's between Cal Berkley and Nebraska. Nebraska could use him badly.

A.D. Miller

(247 Sports)

That picture is back from when the Illinois WR decommit visited Lincoln back on November 1st. Nebraska wanted him back then and there's no reason to think that the Huskers wouldn't mind his services. There are whispers that Miller may not qualify, so that may be the biggest reason teams cool on him.

Cameron Stewart

(Student Sports)

The UCF verbal just visited the Knights this week, but visited back on November 22nd. He's a longshot, but at the same time, there's no reason to think that the Huskers couldn't get one last push here.

Louis Brown

(247 Sports)

You never see someone actually decommit from the school their on their OV with, but Brown did that with Texas yesterday. He seems pretty slow on film, but at the same time, I would love this as a LB or even a DT in a developmental type of roll.

Who isn't coming:

Joe Burrow: It sounds like Burrow is solid to Ohio State, no matter what push Riley and Danny Langsdorf tries to do here. You can not blame Riley here, he's tried to get in there and get the kid.


As always, this list will be fluid. However, it's what is in front of Nebraska right now. When everything changes (and boy howdy it will), we'll be on top of it for you.