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Recruiting Reset: What Has Nebraska Done This Week? A Whole Lot.

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Mike Riley's staff went straight haywire in getting verbals and making inroads with future and prior verbals with the finishing kick to National Signing Day.

Angelo Garbutt
Angelo Garbutt
Student Sports

There was a lot that has happened this week with the Nebraska Cornhuskers and their trek to get the 2015 recruiting cycle filled up before National Signing Day. Lets get started.

On Thursday, the staff went out and traveled. Mike Riley himself told you where they went.

Crazy idea huh? You see that Mike Riley went to Omaha himself, that's because he went to go solidify Daishon Neal with Mark Banker and Hank Hughes. Seems like the meeting went well..

That all being said, Neal did visit Oklahoma this weekend.

Our Oklahoma SBN blog Crimson and Cream Machine thinks that Neal becomes a Sooner but "he is giving Nebraska every opportunity to keep him". I do agree to a fault; he's wanting to become known with the new Nebraska staff. However, it could be a point of him trying to find his best fit & such.

Also, it looks like two of Nebraska's verbals have the attention of Jim Harbaugh in Michigan.

I would not sweat Matt Snyder getting a offer from Michigan, he more sounds like he's solid to the staff at Nebraska. Reuben Jones, on the other hand, would be something to sweat. He's mentioned how he's not known the new staff as well as he does with the old one, so it's very possible he takes that verbal from either Michigan or even a Louisville.

So, the next day... MIKE RILEY WANTS YOU TO KNOW.

See that trip down to Georgia? Trent Bray went after Terez Hall, who Nebraska has some real good interest in and vice versa. Sounds like Hall will be visiting Lincoln on January 30th, as the Linebacker visited Indiana this weekend.

The other man that Nebraska hopes shows up at LB to verbal out of his visit is Angelo Garbutt from Carrolton Hebron HS in the DFW area. Iowa really likes Garbutt, and while he's not got the star rating or offer sheet that others seem to, Nebraska wants LB's badly.

Christian Gaylord talked to Mike Riley as well.

The biggest victory of Friday, however, was the keeping of two big KC targets:

Carlos and Kahlil Davis, the Blue Springs twin Defensive Linemen who were supposed to visit Missouri again.... called it off with Missouri again. Warren and Banker got the twins to "100% confirm to Nebraska" again. It sounds like they are going to be rock solid on their verbal.

Saturday brought a visit from Reggie Davis and Mike Riley to Sachse and to reconfirm things.

Of course, that means no Official Visits for the weekend. However, there are going to be several ones coming down the pipe in the next 3 weeks.

Nebraska still has the 3rd best class in the Big Ten (regardless of how tough the Big Ten West has it) and is on the cusp of a top 25 class, which was unfathomable come last month. Jalin Barnett's verbal helps a lot, along with the bump of Dedrick Young.

Things are looking up for this class, and there's more work to do to make it even better. We'll have it all for you up to National Signing Day.