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Corn Flakes: Power Five Begin Autonomy Talks That Will Shake College Football As We Know It

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Wake Forest President Nathan Hatch will chair the talks.
Wake Forest President Nathan Hatch will chair the talks.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

80 representatives from 65 universities will meet on Saturday at a resort near Washington, D.C. to determine the future of collegiate sports in the first "autonomy talks". 65 university representatives and 15 student athletes will meet to discuss and vote on eight proposals that include the following:

- Cost of Attendance
Will student athletes receive a stipend that fully covers the cost of attendance, i.e., giving student athletes an extra $2,000/$4,000 or whatever amount that will be.

- Loss-of-value insurance
Providing some method for student athletes to receive health insurance after their playing careers are over.

- Scholarship Renewal
Will student athletes receive a four-year commitment from Power 5 universities so they can at least finish their education if sports doesn't work out for them.

- Time commitments by student athletes
Could they come to an agreement on a proper balance between student and athlete?

- Concussion safety
The NCAA has had no overall protocol on how to deal with concussions. They need one, now.

The cost of attendance issue has the highest profile. Expect it to pass. Then expect all hell to break loose as Power Five schools with a lot of money exert their power and use it as an advantage in recruiting. Expect those who don't have money to cut sports to make ends meet. Expect lawsuits filed for reasons that none of us have even thought of yet.

Will the student athletes have any power, or will they be there for window dressing? Take a look at this:

Proposals can be approved by one of the following methods:

· 60 percent of all votes (48 votes) and a simple majority support from schools in three of the five conferences, or;

· A majority of all votes (at least 41) and simple majority support from the schools in four of the five conferences.

If those 15 student athletes decide to speak as one body, they may wield a great deal of power.

All of this will shake the future of collegiate athletes, one way or another. I see all of it being an advantage for Nebraska. Schools like Kansas State and Iowa State, those without a lot of resources that are stuck in conference where revenues aren't shared equally are screwed.

Not all of the proposals will pass - some will take time with regards to figuring out the details.


NCAA looks to protect the many as a few gain autonomy
FORT WASHINGTON, Md. – As the NCAA's wealthiest conferences prepare to make use of increased autonomy to provide unprecedented benefits to athletes, NCAA president Mark Emmert said Thursday it is important to "make sure the success of the 3 percent doesn't come at the cost of the 97 percent – and vice versa."

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