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Nebrasketball Smorgasbord Gamethread

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Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

There's a whole lot of basketball to feast on tonight in Nebraska land. The Husker Women's Basketball team is home to take on the Penn State Lady Lions. Penn State has really struggled this season. They're currently 3-13 and have yet to win a Big Ten game. NU is fighting through some injuries but is right in the middle of the conference, after splitting thier first four games.

They tipped off about an hour ago. You can find their game on BTN. At the half, the score is 38-22.

Meanwhile, at 8, the Husker Men's Basketball team takes on #7 Wisconsin. The Huskers are taking on the Badgers for the first time since No Sit Sunday to close out the regular season last year. The Husker men, like the ladies, have split their first two conference games and look to knock off the mighty Badgers at 8. That game can be found on ESPN2.