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The Big Red Cobcast: A 2014 Wrap Up (w/ Rick Pics)

We don't know anyone named Rick and we can't swear in our titles.

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2014, a year of bullshit. So much bullshit I don't even know where to start.

1) The SEC. That ended up being bullshit.

2) Ameer Abdullah didn't win the Heisman. More bullshit.

3) We never got to see Eichorst fight Pelini. Perhaps the biggest pile of Bullshit ever in the history of piles of things.

Here at the Big Red Cobcast, however, we don't live in the past. We live in the future and I have news for you: the future is golden. The future is an awful lot like the past. It's full of national championships. It's full of big bruising football. It's full of tight ends. It's full of nice coaches who don't use the word cu- ummm well you get my point. 2015 will be glorious! No more ass whoopings by Wisconsin. No more McNeese State debacles. NO MORE PAPUCHIS!

That last point I made makes me feel really good inside.

I do have one serious thing I want to talk about before I finish though. Avery Moss and petitions. Here's the thing about online petitions - THEY DON'T WORK. They are about as effective as Comcast customer service, a GM ignition or the BCS. I do have good news for you though. I have a solution. Inundate Harvey Perlman's inbox with Dick Pics* Before you do that though leave the pics in the comment section below**

In this episode we introduce our new co-host, Pat Janssen, and bring in the funniest man alive, Steve Berg. We talk about 2014, Avery Moss and a VERY NICE AND PROFESSIONAL GENTLEMAN.

* Don't actually do that

** Also, don't actually do that either

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