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National Championship Cobs: Clay Travis, Darren Carrington, and Ohio State's SID

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We actually weren't planning on doing an edition of the Cobs for the national championship game; one game typically doesn't give you enough Cob-worthy bad-ness...especially when you are dealing with the two best teams in college football.

But then there was the aftermath of Ohio State's B1G win, and suddenly we realized this morning that, well, we had Cob worthy behavior to mock.  So here we are with another special edition of the Cobs of the Week - the National Championship Edition - to honor the worst of the College Football Playoff title game.

Darren Carrington

When players miss the biggest game of the year due to injury, we feel bad for them - and their teammates. But when they get suspended, it's always Cob worthy...and when you fail a drug test prior to the national championship football game...

Especially when you are already short-handed at your position due to injuries. Why do I suspect that he'll turn this Cob into a pipe?

Ohio State's Sports Information Department

After the game, Ohio State announced that they had won their eighth national championship, and the rest of the college football world went... wait, what?

Six of their titles are not in dispute:  1942 (#1 in AP), 1954 (#1 in AP), 1957 (#1 in Coaches), 1968 (#1 by both AP & Coaches), 2002 (BCS champions), and now 2014.

Two, not so much:  1961 (Alabama was the consensus champion) and 1970 (Undefeated Nebraska was ranked #1 by the AP; Texas #1 by the Coaches).  In 1961, Ohio State was penalized because the faculty rejected a bid to play in the Rose Bowl.  In 1970, Ohio State played in - and LOST the Rose Bowl 27-17 to Stanford.

So on the basis of the National Football Foundation ranking Ohio State #1 prior to the bowl games, Ohio State is claiming to be the 1970 National Champion.


I mean, that's even lamer than Iowa's claim to the 1958 National Championship.  And being lamer than Iowa gets you a Cob nomination.  I mean, there's no reason for Ohio State to puff up their history.  Six national championships is an impressive statistic.  But reaching to add two more?  That gets your SID a cob.

Clay Travis

The blogger will forever go down in infamy (Dewey defeats Truman) for "eliminating" the entire Big Ten in early September.

Whoops.  So you'd think he'd be a little more cautious after the Buckeyes took home all of the hardware? Right?

Wrong. Because, well.... SEC.

Yep, there he goes again. Would Alabama win a rematch? Possibly.  Rematches tend to favor the team that lost the first time (2012 Big Ten Championship game, 2012 BCS Championship game, 1978 Nebraska/Oklahoma, 1999 Nebraska/Texas, etc.)  But maybe he doesn't remember how Ohio State pretty much dominated 'Bama in New Orleans.

Or maybe it's that SEC entitlement that, well, the SEC is naturally the best conference in college football because they say it is.