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Corn Flakes: Ohio State Wins B1G Over Oregon, Lies About National Titles

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Ohio State throttled Oregon. Smashed them. Four turnovers and they still won by 22 points, although some would have you believe that last touchdown shouldn't have counted because... I don't know why, because the game should have only been 55 minutes long?

In stomping the Ducks Ohio State made two things very clear:

- The rest of the Big Ten has a long ways to go to catch up to the Buckeyes.

- This is the beginning of what could be a Buckeye dynasty.

I received the following in a press release from Ohio State. Looks like they're doing the same revisionist bullshit that Alabama did that allows Alabama to claim about 38 national titles that never existed. 1970, the polls split between Nebraska (AP) and Texas (Coaches). Ohio State claims 1970 because of the National Football Foundation? What?

Ohio State lost the Rose Bowl to Stanford 27-17 that season, but keep in mind that the polls were done BEFORE the bowls were played. That's how far we've come, I guess.

I didn't look at the rest of the list in terms of revisionist bullshit. After you run into one piece of suspect information, it makes everything else look fraudulent as well.

Ohio State wins its eighth national championship in program history and the first since the 2002 season with the 42-20 win over No. 2 Oregon.

o Ohio State National Championships

§ 2014 - 14-1 (Urban Meyer)

§ 2002 - 14-0 (Jim Tressel)

§ 1970 - 9-1 (Woody Hayes)

§ 1968 - 10-0 (Woody Hayes)

§ 1961 - 8-0-1 (Woody Hayes)

§ 1957 - 9-1 (Woody Hayes)

§ 1954 - 10-0 (Woody Hayes)

§ 1942 - 9-1 (Paul Brown)

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The original title of this post was "Tako Tuesdays Can't Even", where my ability to even breaks and I get pissy like a white girl who is handed a vanilla latte when she CLEARLY ORDERED A FUCKING CARAMEL MACCHIATO.

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Then what was the point of doing it in the first place?

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Of course.

This is the definition of a wanker.

I have no idea how anyone bothers taking this guy seriously except, well, the people he's trying to suck up to, Alabamans.

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