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Twitter Recap: Baseball Hall of Fame, Kayaking Class and Being Buried in Fruit Snacks

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Let’s start this recap off with a good quote from Ameer Abdullah.

Michael Rose-Ivey explains the life of an older sibling.

What does the White House know that we don’t?

Faux Pelini thinks Iowa students need to be more considerate.

Allie Havers ladies and gentlemen…

Native South Dakotan Nate Gerry shares his thoughts on the extra day off.

Meanwhile Sam Foltz is back on the farm for a bit.

This was Darin Erstad’s reaction to receiving one vote on the Baseball Hall of Fame ballot.

Faux Pelini wasn’t pleased about it.

Michael Rose-Ivey shares an odd request with his followers.

I’ve gone through this experience before.

Randy Gregory joined Twitter on Friday.

Being a Husker basketball player means more legroom on planes.


It looks like Tai Webster is in for a little surprise this semester.

This is great news! #AveryStrong

And last but not least…

I hope these tweets made your Monday morning better. If you missed it, here is last week's Twitter Recap.

I was also thinking about compiling a Tweet of the Month list at the end of each month for you guys to vote on so tell me what you think of that idea. This won't include Faux Pelini tweets because other he will likely win every time. GO BIG RED!!!