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Report: Former Nebraska OC Tim Beck Hired By Ohio State

#RogueBeck heads to Columbus to work with Urban Meyer.

Tim Beck
Tim Beck
David McGee

Per ESPN's Joe Schad, it does indeed sound like the a Bo Pelini Assistant Coach has found their first Power 5 job after the dismissal.

Yes, you have read that right. Tim Beck, the much maligned former Offensive Coordinator for the Nebraska Cornhuskers, has landed co-OC/QB coaching duties with the Ohio State Buckeyes. Beck will take over for Tom Hermann, who took the Head Coaching job with the Houston Cougars last week.

Beck, who worked previously with Ohio State co-OC/OL coach Ed Warinner when both were under Mark Mangino's staff during the glory days of Kansas Football in the 2000's, will be charged with developing QB's under Meyer. He will have guys like Cardale Jones, J.T. Barrett, and possibly Braxton Miller to be in charge of.

One caveat of Beck's time at Nebraska was that, while the entire Offense seemed to do well under his teachings, his Quarterback development, primarily Taylor Martinez and Tommy Armstrong Jr. seemed to suffer because of it. He did have former Nebraska QB Joe Ganz as a Grad Assistant to help him with that aspect, however he'll be in charge of that full time now.

Something to keep an eye on is the commitment of Mr. Ohio QB Joe Burrow. The thought was around that Tim Beck & Bo Pelini had little interest in the Husker legacy, therefore that is the reason he picked the Buckeyes early in the recruiting cycle. However, now with Beck heading to be his position coach in Columbus, will Burrow keep solid on his commitment, or could he now consider Nebraska?

No matter what happens, I do believe that Beck will be not remembered well around here, and that's going to be a shame. Beck did well with what he was around in Lincoln in both talent and coaching, so there's no reason to think that he'll be bad in Columbus. And, for old times sakes, you can read the great 3 part interview with Ty that Beck gave Corn Nation.

But, neverless, it's good if you're a Buckeye fan reading this to keep this picture.