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9/9 Practice Report: Randy Gregory Returns To The Field.

Your Tuesday practice nuggets here for you.

David McGee

The Nebraska Cornhuskers returned to the North Stadium practice fields and the Hawks Championship Center for a workout in anticipation for their matchup in California with the Fresno State Bulldogs on Saturday night.

First and foremost, both of the Offensive & Defensive men that were missing returned, as Randy Gregory and Kenny Bell got back on the field.

Defensive Coordinator John Papuchis talked about Gregory not being in the game last week:

"Obviously whenever you can add a player with his ability back into the mix, it will obviously make you better; so it is good to have him back. He didn’t do a whole lot of the team stuff, but he was out there moving around really well.

"If he goes out and plays the way he is capable of, he is one of better defensive players in the country. So having him back certainly helps."

Husker Offensive Coordinator Tim Beck, after a shaky second half performance in the Huskers win vs. McNeese State last week, talked about the "Red Storm" needing to get back on track:

"We have to be more consistent, we were not very good in the second half at all. Too many three-and-outs, we have to convert and stay on the field. We did not do a good job doing that."

Beck also stated that he wanted to get more consistency out of Quarterback Tommy Armstrong Jr, as the Sophomore signal caller needs to focus on fundamentals.

"I just want him to play within the system, read what he is supposed to read, and deliver the ball to the guys he is supposed to deliver the ball to with proper technique. When he does that, he is pretty good, when he doesn’t he is not very good. I don’t care if it is home or away."

Other bits:

- Freshman tackle DJ Foster and his experiment on the Defensive Line is over. He has moved back onto the Offensive Line on the scout team.

- Missing practice today was Kevin Williams, Brandon Reilly and Sam Burtch.

Big Red will get back on the practice field tomorrow as they prepare for the Bulldogs on the road.