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Corn Flakes: Penn State Bowl Ban, Scholarship Limits End

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David McGee

[Okay, this was supposed to publish at 8:00 AM, but it published at midnight, so go ahead and... there you go.]

The B1G news yesterday - The NCAA decided to remove Penn State's bowl ban and restore their scholarships. The Nittany Lions are immediately eligible to participate in a bowl this season, and they look like a bowl team.

After that, the Big Ten Conference decided to make Penn State eligible for the Big Ten Championship game, stating:

The Big Ten Conference, through its Council of Presidents and Chancellors (COPC), has agreed today to restore Penn State's eligibility for the Big Ten Football Championship Game. The agreement follows the announcement today, by the NCAA, to further modify sanctions set forth in the Consent Decree entered into with Penn State on July 23, 2012, including the elimination of Penn State's postseason football ban, effective immediately, and the restoration of its full complement of football scholarships beginning with the 2015-16 academic year. As a result of the announcement, based strongly on recommendations by Independent Athletics Integrity Monitor Senator George Mitchell, Penn State will be eligible to compete in both the Big Ten Football Championship Game and a bowl game, beginning with the current season.

Then, Penn State fans did this:

And this:

I feel the same way about the Penn State sanctions as I did two years ago; that the NCAA had no business imposing them when what happened were criminal, not NCAA-related. It's not that difficult to understand. The NCAA cannot define what a child rape is worth, the criminal courts can.

Like Stewart Mandel (Fox Sports link below), I don't understand (other than a power grab) why the NCAA felt compelled to do something, and I don't understand how they could rescind their sanctions during a football season. The NCAA continues to make no sense to me other than they are a bureaucracy and such organizations rarely make logical sense.

NCAA Rescinds Penn State Bowl Ban, Scholarship Reductions - Black Shoe Diaries
The two biggest sanctions as a result of the Jerry Sandusky scandal have been lifted.

Penn State's penalty never made sense, so don't expect NCAA to now | FOX Sports
In 2012, NCAA president Mark Emmert circumvented any notion of protocol or precedent in handing down crippling sanctions against Penn State over a matter better left to the criminal justice system. Seemingly just as arbitrarily, the NCAA Executive Committee on Monday turned around and lifted the program’s postseason ban two years early due to the university’s "commitment to the integrity of its athletics department."

By Repealing Penn State Sanctions, the NCAA Destroys Its Valuable Message - Team Speed Kills
Two years ago, the NCAA took a stand in support of each person's responsibility to each other. Today, they threw it away, for the most craven reason

Penn State students swarm streets to celebrate end of bowl ban -
We know college students go nuts when their team wins a game. But what do you do when your team's NCAA sanctions are removed? This, apparently.

Penn State Students Celebrate Lifted Sanctions, Chant Joe Paterno's Name

Earlier today, the NCAA lifted the sanctions placed on Penn State's football program after the Jerry Sandusky scandal. The team will be bowl-eligible and have its scholarships returned. Tonight, Penn State students celebrated by meeting at Old Main, and chanting the late head coach Joe Paterno's name, among other things.

Deadspin is going to put the worst spin possible on anything. Compare that to the article above this.

Reminder: The NCAA Is Still Terrible - Onward State
The NCAA sanctions met their abrupt and (almost) total end today, in what is sure to be a day that goes down in Penn State history as one of its best. It’s a day for celebration for sure — a celebration of a partially righted wrong, like a wrongfully convicted prisoner going free.

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Urban Meyer addressed the first regular season loss of his Ohio State tenure as well as moving on.

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National, regional, and local pundits are all talking about the broken Big Ten and why it needs fixing...and I couldn't care less.

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Does it really matter who starts on Saturday against Notre Dame?

Rutgers Football: Ray Rice No Longer Part of Knights in the NFL - On the Banks

As a result of today's news.

I don't normally comment on the NFL because I don't follow it that much anymore. The NFL literally puts me to sleep. However, on this Ray Rice situation I don't understand why they had to see a video of it before they took real action?

The implication is obvious. They didn't give a damn because they could explain it away before and suddenly can't anymore. It doesn't say much for the NFL other than they'll do anything to protect their assets until they are FORCED to abandon them.

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Examining Michigan's mistakes against the Irish.

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It was arguably one of the more embarrassing losses of his career. Brady Hoke spoke to the media on Monday and asked the fans to believe in his players.

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SB Nation goes inside the numbers to figure out when football teams should go for it on 4th down. Short answer: a lot more often!

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For the first time in years, the Crimson Tide doesn't get to be at the top just because.

USC AD, Playoff member Pat Haden fined $25k for arguing with refs -
This is not part of the athletic director's job.

USC AD, Playoff member Pat Haden fined $25k for arguing with refs -
This is not part of the athletic director's job.

The case for going for it on 4th down -
SB Nation goes inside the numbers to figure out when football teams should go for it on 4th down. Short answer: a lot more often!

Alabama Has Lost Its Benefit of the Doubt - Team Speed Kills
For the first time in years, the Crimson Tide doesn't get to be at the top just because.

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After an 0-2 start which saw the Mustangs suffer a scoreless streak until the final play of the second game, SMU head football coach June Jones has resigned.

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Grading Middle Tennessee's first and second half offense, defense and special teams from Saturday's 35-24 loss to Minnesota.

American Volleyball Coaches Association
Nebraska moves up to #11 in this week's AVCA poll.

Husker Doc Talk " Blog Archive " 2014 Episode 6: McNeese State and The Husker Running Game

Dave and Dr. Rob talk extensively about the Huskers running game and the disadvantages and set backs of running the ball out of the shotgun formation.

Rob Zatechka and Dave Rimington talk about running plays, specifically in short yardage situations. Can you expand this to regular running plays? Yeah, if you're a guy that thinks the I formation is the answer to everything.

I've never heard this podcast before. It might be worth checking out. I'll let you decide. - Husker Buzz: Searching for consistency
If Nebraska is ever going to turn the corner from 4 loss seasons to 1 and 2 loss seasons it has to start with being able to balance the highs and the lows.

Pelini says Abdullah needed more touches - - Scout

Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini's weekly news conference sounded more like a mea culpa.

There's a lot of Tim Beck-hating going on this week. Honestly, I thought Beck called a pretty decent game. I don't think our players executed very well (CAPTAIN OBVIOUS). There were numerous instances in which Ameer Abdullah was open as a check down receiver in the flat, typically, and a few in which he had no one within 10 yards.

Those are the plays Tommy Armstrong Jr has to make if he's going to become consistent in the passing game. Everyone knows this - hopefully the emphasis is made this week and we see changes in the upcoming Fresno State game.

Nebraska Cornhuskers escape vs. McNeese State - College Football -

The Nebraska Cornhuskers almost lost to McNeese State, but as Andy Staples implores Huskers fans to remember...they didn't!

I'm not normally a big fan of videos, but I do like Andy Staples, and while he brings some snark, he still makes a good point - we didn't lose.