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Bo Pelini Weekly News Conference (9/8/2014): Attention to Detail Was the Problem Against McNeese State

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Prior to the Bo Pelini news conference, the Big Ten and ESPN announced that ESPN2 will televise the Nebraska vs. Miami game at 7 pm on Saturday, September 20.

Pelini opened his weekly news conference to talk about what went wrong on Saturday against McNeese State.  It started with attention detail, especially in the passing game.

While Bo wasn't pleased with the play of the wide receivers, the point still remains that many of those passes were thrown too low due to Armstrong's poor fundamentals. Perhaps he's trying to make sure everybody's being held accountable for their mistakes.

My initial reaction: this team knows they played horribly on Saturday. Will is happen again? Perhaps...but not this weekend. I think they received a major wake-up call and will respond accordingly at Fresno State on Saturday night.