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Corn Flakes: Dealing With Your Coworkers

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Eric Francis

Monday morning. Back to work. Back to work after a weekend in which your favorite team looked like crap against an inferior opponent and the top teams in your conference all lost their marquee games and it looks like the conference is down the crapper for another year because of it.

Heading back to work means dealing with your coworkers. Regardless of whether you work in an office where everyone is the fan of the same team (as in, most of Nebraska) or an office where you're the only fan of your team, you probably have to deal with at least one of the two worst types of people:

- Those who support no teams and therefore enjoy tearing everyone's teams apart.

- That guy who's a fan of your team, but is happy they did poorly because he said they would and he'd rather be right than have his team do well because he's just that big of an asshole.

The easiest solution is to avoid both of these types of people, but sometimes you can't. You can't murder them either, a least legally, although if everyone agrees, you might get away with it especially if you live in Texas where the "sometimes people just need killin'" is an actual thing. If you don't live in Texas, you're out of luck, and don't consider the stairs and "he slipped", because stairs are not a reliable enough method of killing someone.

I'm sorry to state the obvious, but you're stuck with them. If you can't avoid them you might as well learn to deal with them. I would suggest ignoring them completely, which is much easier if you've been married over five years because at that point you've become an expert.

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