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Big Red Cobcast: Ameer Abdullah, Amiright?

Don't read this summary, just think about Ameer Abdullah for a minute.

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Before you do anything I want you to take the time to watch this video:

Now that you have done that, I want you to close your eyes and picture whatever it is you believe in, if its Jesus thank him for Ameer, if it's Buddah, thank him for Ameer, if it's a tree in your backyard, go outside and water it right now in honor of Ameer. Consider the next 3 lines a moment of silence in Mr. Abdullah's honor.

Now back to talking about how we will be NATIONAL CHAMPIONS! Do you hear that Alabama? Do you hear that Florida State? Oregon? Auburn? Oklahoma? I'M SAYING THAT MCNEESE STATE IS BETTER THAN YOU!!!! And if you're not careful, we'll let you think youre gonna win too AND THEN BAM! NOTHING. NADA. BE AFRAID! BE. VERY. AFRAID.

Afraid of what you might ask? Ameer Abdullah. The greatest college running back of all time. But don't stop there, be afraid of Westerkamp, Gregory, Armstrong. Be afraid of Coach Bo. Hell, be afraid of Bo's Cat. Be afraid of the entire state of Nebraska.

Every team in the NCAA listen up. You're suspect. #FearAmeer

In this episode we point out that Fresno is the Methamphetamine Capital of the world, why we aren't scared about the rest of the season and of course we discuss who loves Ameer Abdullah the most (it's me, Ryan)

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