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Corn Flakes Is Maintaining A Positive Attitude

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Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

I had a whole bit written up that I was going to share with you and then I saw the article below this morning, and thought, "NAH, I'll save that bit for later."

Was FAU overconfident against Nebraska?

Cornerback D'Joun Smith says he believes that if FAU played Nebraska again the Owls would win. Now, the Owls' defense has something to prove at Alabama.

I understand that you need to maintain a positive attitude about yourself and your team, but there remains a point at which failure to deal with reality means you've tipped over the edge into a delusional crevice and once you're there, it is damned difficult to get out.

FAU has their chance this weekend playing against Alabama. If they just don't make the same mistakes (and Alabama's team is infested with pre-game dysentery), they could win.

Otherwise, we may be seeing the same article from them next week and that would be really, really sad.

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Notre Dame vs Michigan this weekend - the last meeting of these two rivals for the foreseeable future. That's too bad; this has been a big game throughout the years. On the other hand, Notre Dame can shuffle off into non-existence now - it will be interesting to see how relevant they remain in the College Football Playoff era.

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FORMATION NOTES: They promised it all offseason and they delivered on it: (M 30 slide 2) In your face bro. Note that this was an example of something I started calling "30 slide"*, as the linemen are basically head up on the tackles and center with Frank Clark as a sort of standup end/SAM.

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Sophomore guard Kyle Bosch is taking an indefinite leave of absence from the team, per this release from the athletic department: Below is a statement from Michigan head football coach Brady Hoke: "Kyle Bosch has taken a leave of absence for an undetermined amount of time for personal reasons.

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Big Boy serves tasty hamburgers? Okay, honestly, I haven't been to a Big Boy in many, many years.

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Terror. Mostly.

Michigan State hard to hate, writes Oregon football fanatic | Detroit Free Press |

Michigan State is just so hard to hate. That’s the view of Matt Takimoto, who writes for the website ‘Addicted to Quack,’ a website that is addicted to Oregon football.

Pat Narduzzi, on Oregon's offense: 'They are a lot faster than we are' | Detroit Free Press |

The 'little something extra' were fast-paced practices, extra conditioning and work in broiling indoor heat as the No. 7 Spartans try to get ready for Saturday's trip to No. 3 Oregon (6:30 p.m., Fox). With temperatures expected in the mid-90s for the game at Autzen Stadium, the Spartans are doing what they can to prepare. Long travel and a three-hour time change are other factors, but Narduzzi really is just worried about one thing.

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I think the Big Ten writer was drunk off her ass the whole weekend.

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Joel Stave and Yips - apparently they're a real thing.

lincolnparkwildcat comments on What opposing fan bases have you encountered that were the most hospitable?
Nebraska fans were the nicest fans to take over Ryan Field bar none

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Buckeye Bullet electric car rockets to possible world record - The Lantern : The Lantern
The Ohio State Buckeye Bullet team, which is comprised primarily of undergraduate engineering students, works to build green technologies that are both fast and fun to drive, according to the team’s website. The team’s latest effort was coming up with a powertrain design to propel its latest electric car — the Venturi Buckeye Bullet 3 — to reach speeds of more than 400 miles per hour, according to the website.

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