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Corn Flakes: Randy Gregory Second In Big Ten In Sacks

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David McGee - 2014 Big Ten Conference Player Leaders

Randy Gregory has 4.5 sacks on the season, good enough for second in the Big Ten. First is Kemoko Turay of Rutgers with 5.0. This is after Gregory has missed a fair amount of time in the first three games of the season including completely missing the McNeese State game.

Statistics being what they are, if you look at sacks per game, Gregory is #1 in the Big Ten and fifth nationally at 1.13 per game.

Gregory's career sack total is 15; he is 1.5 sacks away from moving into the top 10 of the career sack list.

Vote For The Lott IMPACT Player of The Week | Lott IMPACT Trophy

Nebraskas's DE Randy Gregory has been nominated among 6 other defensive athletes for the Lott IMPACT Player of the Week. Randy had 2.5 sacks (3 total tackles for loss) and 3 quarterback hurries in 45-14 win over Illinois.

You can vote for Gregory at the link above. Here's to hoping he's nominated again next week.

Why Alabama's defense struggles with the up-tempo spread - Football Study Hall

What are the issues at play and is it really that big of a problem for the Crimson Tide?

Bottom line - everybody struggles against HUNH. This is comparable to when Husker fans complain about Nebraska's defense having problems with mobile quarterbacks. Everyone has problems with mobile quarterbacks. That's why there are so many mobile quarterbacks.

The ‘Heart of a Champion’ Question Finally Hits Florida State: Your Weekly College Football Wrap "
Viewed in a vacuum, Florida State’s come-from-behind, 56-41 win over North Carolina State on Saturday is an inkblot we can interpret in multiple ways.

Post-Firing Reaction - Rock Chalk Talk
When the news of Charlie Weis’ firing broke, the reaction quickly went from "wait, what?" to "who’s next?"  Before we dive too far into the search for a new coach and the outlook on the rest of the season, we asked all of our contributors to sum up their thoughts on the firing below.

Would Jim Harbaugh Really Leave the 49ers for Michigan? "

A perfect storm of factors is pointing him in that direction. Before we put on our tinfoil hat, it’s worth remembering something that cannot be disputed: Harbaugh nearly became the Browns coach in January.

Minnesota Golden Gophers Hockey: Gophers Top and USA Today College Hockey Preseason Polls - The Daily Gopher
The high poll rankings for the Gophers certainly align with the high expectations surrounding the program for the coming season.

The defense dominated and it didn't really matter who was back there at QB.

It Is Time For Purdue To Leave The Big Ten - Hammer and Rails
It's bold, but Purdue has the worst athletic department in the Big Ten with no desire to compete. Why should it stay then, other than money?

Purdue And The Big Ten: Solutions - Hammer and Rails
You want some solutions instead of complaining? Here are a few.

Big Ten Bowl Projections: 4-1 Rutgers enters updated list " Big Ten Network

Michigan is out and Rutgers is in on Tom Dienhart's latest Big Ten Bowl Projections. See all of his predicted matchups inside.

The Holiday Bowl. Again.

Knight's Charge: 93 Flawless Yards - On the Banks
The Knight's Charge is a storied, formidable offensive maneuver. Incredible to behold and nearly unstoppable when executed with precision, the charge could be devastating to enemy tactics and...

Minnesota Football: The Monday Perspective is Jug-static - The Daily Gopher
I usually spend all day Sunday contemplating this week's theme of The Monday Perspective. Much of the day is spent in silent reflection pouring over the details of the prior day's game and seeking...

Report: Michigan Reaching Out To Bates, Manuel | mgoblog
Manuel, Bates Per Coaching Search's Pete Roussel: A source has informed that Michigan has gauged the interest of UConn director of athletics Warde Manuel and Boston College athletic director Brad Bates about their interest in the same position at Michigan. (panic) UPDATE: John U Bacon says nope.


Brady Hoke is too incompetent to be Michigan's coach. He's too incompetent to be responsible for 85 kids who might get badly hurt at any moment. Hell, he's too incompetent to run a Hooters. Do not eat the chicken at Brady Hoke Hooters. That's not chicken.

It just keeps getting bloodier at Michigan.

Brady Hoke "assumes" concussion protocol was followed after Morris hit, defends handling of injured players - Maize n Brew

After facing heavy fire during his Monday press conference, Michigan Coach Brady Hoke defends how his program handles player injuries. Was not aware of any concussions with Shane Morris, but assumed concussion protocol was followed.

I don't believe that Brady Hoke would purposefully leave a player on the field if he thought he was injured. Having said that, if you go back and watch what transpired during the Minnesota game, you could at best call Hoke's staff incompetent, and no matter how you spin it, that falls on Hoke.

Everything wrong with the Dave Brandon Press Release - Maize n Brew

Brandon has released a statement on the Morris situation. It is a flimsy attempt at misdirection and misinformation. I look at everything wrong with this press release.

And as of last night at 1:00 am, the Michigan situation is spinning out of control as Athletic Director Dave Brandon issued a press release about what happened with the Shane Morris incident. Bottom line - everyone on the Michigan sideline missed seeing the hit that dazed Morris, then they had miscommunication and procedural problems and Michigan will work hard to resolve those, blah blah blah.

The real bottom line - Dave Brandon is working to save his ass while leaving Hoke's out in the wind. Everyone seems to want Hoke's head on a plate. I guess if Michigan wants to retain Brandon, let them.

Darian Roseboro decommits from Michigan - Maize n Brew
Michigan has lost four-star defensive end Darian Roseboro, who announced Monday night he has decommitted from the program.

Football Five Factors: Wyoming - The Only Colors

MSU 56, Wyoming 14

Michigan State's offense has been incredibly efficient so far this season. Husker fans might be tempted to ask who they've played outside of Oregon. Don't be tempted that way - everyone can say the same about Nebraska.

FauxPelini meets MSU P Mike Sadler - ESPN
What happens when Fake Bo Pelini meets real Michigan State P Mike Sadler? A conversation you have to read to believe.

3 & Out: Illinois | Hail Varsity
The Hail Varsity staff offers three final takes from Nebraska's 45-14 win over Illinois.

Bottle Service: Illinois @ #21 Nebraska - The Champaign Room
TCR breaks down the last week's performance of every position in a new series!

Nebraska, by the numbers: Cornhuskers hold key to killing Spartans D |
Nebraska has been the No. 1 nemesis for the Spartans defense ever since joining the Big Ten in 2011.

Column: Michigan State looks to handle spotlight in Big Ten showdown with Nebraska |
The Spartans wilted in the Pacific Northwest heat the last time they were part of a high-profile showdown like they'll have against Nebraska on Saturday night.

Couch: Huskers meet Big Ten's actual 'new bully'

Nebraska's oversold entrance to the Big Ten perfect example of parity throughout the sport.

Is this summary trolling? Hmmmm.... I'd have to say yes.

Last But Certainly Not Least - A Jack Hoffman Update

Jack | Journal | CaringBridge
A little over one month ago Jack was enrolled in a clinical trial to battle his brain tumor. The initial days were difficult, as Bri and Jack spent the first eight days in Boston alone, while dad and the girls fended for themselves at home.  Jack's first day of treatment with the new drug was on August 22nd. Since that time, he has been taking the oral medication twice daily.