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Corn Flakes: FCS Opponent. Bah. Humbug. Ptooey.

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Eric Francis

Nebraska vs McNeese State on Saturday at 11:00 am on ESPNU.

McNeese State is a FCS/Division IAA team. They're one of the better teams in that division, but count me as a Husker fan who will be glad when these games against lower division opponents go away.

2014 Week 1 produced some pretty decent games, but there were some clunkers as well. Friday night's Michigan State game against Jacksonville State was horrid to watch as was Michigan's game against Appalachian State. I didn't bother with Indiana vs Indiana State even though I'd really like to watch the Hoosiers' offense.

Minnesota vs Eastern Illinois. Youngstown State vs Illinois.

There are only a limited number of servings per season of football games and not a single one should be wasted by serving up crap because that's what these games are. They may be referred to as cupcakes by some, but that's only to disguise the fact that they're crap cupcakes and you're eager to eat them up because you've been away from football for so long.

Even Florida Atlantic, though a FBS/Division IA team, might be considered crap. Florida Atlantic was Nebraska's 29th season opening win in a row. The last season opening loss came in 1985, when the Huskers opened with Florida State, losing 17-13. They then went on to play Illinois, Oregon and New Mexico; New Mexico being the game that you sold your student ticket in order to pay for it since so many Husker fans were willing to scoop those up because they wanted to take their kids to a game that would be over by halftime just in case they were bored and wanted to leave.

Nebraska's schedule in the next few years is void of FCS/Division IAA teams, but everyone else needs to lose them as well. The Power Five scheduling that was discussed - make it happen because there have been some real abysmal games to open this season - I'm looking at you Michigan State and Michigan.

In the meantime, we can pretend that McNeese State is an opponent Nebraska can't afford to take lightly because OMG Appalachian State-Michigan when really they have us blackmailed, knowing that we'll do anything to watch another Husker football game and spend another game day in Lincoln.

Bill and Ian overreact to week one - Football Study Hall

Most surprisingly good performance against a bad team: I thought FAU might be decent this year, and we might soon find out that that's not at all true ... but even if FAU is FIU-bad, Nebraska outgained the Owls by a 784-200 margin on Saturday. At plus-584 yards, the biggest surprise is that NU only won by 48! FAU completed 11 of 30 passes for 95 yards, NU's top two RBs gained 339 yards, and NU's top two wideouts gained 241. That's ridiculous.

Ndamukong Suh -- The NFL's great unknown
What drives one of the game's smartest players to also be one of it's dirtiest? Let's just say it's complicated.

iTunes - Movies - Through These Gates

Watch the trailer, read customer and critic reviews, and download Through These Gates directed by Ryan Tweedy for $19.99

Through These Gates is now available on iTunes!

Why Ameer Abdullah Will Break Mike Rozier's Record for Career Rushing Yards - Corn Nation

It seems like just yesterday we were talking about Rex Burkhead potentially breaking the record, but now Ameer Abdullah has a legitimate chance to do it and I strongly believe he will.

Hey! A CN Fan Post!

Wisconsin vs. LSU recap: 4 takeaways from the Badgers' loss - Bucky's 5th Quarter
One last time putting the "post" in post-mortem and the "gallows" in gallows humor.

Joel Stave 'not hurt,' Wisconsin quarterback situation grows more confusing - Bucky's 5th Quarter
Gary Andersen and Joel Stave both made unscheduled appearances in front of reporters Tuesday night in an attempt to clarify Stave's status.

Joel Stave explains issues with shoulder: 'Physically, nothing is wrong' - Bucky's 5th Quarter
Wisconsin's odd quarterback situation grew more mysterious Tuesday night when Gary Andersen and Joel Stave both made unscheduled appearances in front of reporters.

Joel Stave saga latest in bizarre 72 hours for Wisconsin Badgers - ESPN

The reports out of early fall camp were that he was throwing the ball much more accurately than McEvoy.

Your Mom was throwing the ball more accurately than McEvoy.

This is a bloody mess for Wisconsin. They lost a 24-7 lead and the game on a national stage. They didn't run their Heisman Trophy candidate running back in the second half, then tried (poorly) to explain away an injury/non-injury, and then this thing with Stave.

Could they have screwed their opening week up worse?

Michigan State QB Connor Cook: Hit was 'bad cheap shot' - ESPN

Michigan State fans had to hold their breath last Friday night when starting quarterback Connor Cook took a hit low on his left knee against Jacksonville.

I thought it was a little bit of a cheap shot as well (and I say "a little bit" because I didn't go back and look at it over and over), but did anyone else watch Connor Cook play Friday? He was darned accurate, more accurate than YOUR MOM.

A Defense to Match: Appreciating the Stingy Spartans in the Offensive Age "
Mark Dantonio and Pat Narduzzi have shared a sideline for more than a decade, first at Cincinnati and now at Michigan State, and in the process they’ve forged one of college football’s great coaching pairings.

Source: Northwestern used wrong wristbands in first half against Cal - Inside NU

Some of Northwestern's defensive players were given the wrong wristbands during the first half of a 31-24 loss to Cal on Saturday, a source told Inside Northwestern.

This is not very smart.

Ranking Northwestern's Prognosticators, Week 1 - Inside NU
In a week in which everyone thought Northwestern would win, and it didn't, this is all about whose guesses were least bad. Here is a graphical summary of predictions for this game...

Minnesota Football: Scott Ekpe Out for the Season - The Daily Gopher
Minnesota loses a starting defensive tackle for the year, a big blog to a position lacking depth heading into the season.

Land O'Lakes Pledges to University of Minnesota Athletics - The Daily Gopher
A historic gift from the Arden Hills, MN company will fund the new Student Athlete Excellence Center at the heart of the new Athletic Village.

- This is Iowa football. There may be variations in game plan, but by and large, you know what you're going to get out of the Kirk Ferentz Hawkeyes—especially in September. This probably frustrates you, but it's how it is, for better or worse.

Play caller Shawn Watson updates the Texas quarterback situation - Burnt Orange Nation

The Texas play caller provided a surprising update on the status of David Ash.

Todd Gurley takes early lead in Heisman race | Heisman Pundit

Todd Gurley’s 293-yard, four touchdown all-purpose performance in Georgia’s 45-21 victory over Clemson this past Saturday has vaulted the Bulldogs running back to the top of HeismanPundit’s Heisman Straw Poll released on Tuesday (Sept. 2).

Ameer Abdullah is fifth.

Ohio State wants you to snitch on people standing during games - Land-Grant Holy Land

The university apparently wants fans to report one another via an anonymous text line. Making security aware of folks who are drunk and disorderly, I can see. Trying to rein in someone swearing up...

Don't stand up during game play.

Arizona fan viciously stomps beach ball at first chance, ends fun -
Some people don't like bouncy fun things. This person *really* does not like bouncy fun things.

Forward Pass: Saban, old guard have no choice but to change in 2014 | FOX Sports
Forward Pass: Nick Saban, old guard have no choice but to change in 2014 and more from Stewart Mandel.

Last But Not Least:

Football Game Or Circus?

I have been thinking about this since I arrived home from the game last night.I will preface this post by saying I'm nearly 60 and have had my seats in Memorial stadium for over 30 years. I fully understand what some percieve as a need to cater to the desires of all the young high school football players we are trying to recruit but I am wondering if this may be at the cost of alienating some of the older fan base such as myself.I'm wondering if anyone else felt like the game yesterday was more.....

This is as wonderful, beautiful, glorious of a "Get Off My Lawn" screed you're gonna see.

Tim Miles corrects Twitter users who think he's Les Miles -

Nebraska's basketball coach is still the best coach on Twitter.