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Bo Pelini News Conference (9/29/14): Abdullah & Mitchell OK, Santos Uncertain for Spartans

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Eric Francis

Bo Pelini opened his weekly news conference to discuss the status of some injured Huskers.

And some bad news for Adam Taylor...he's not healing as fast as hoped.

He went on to praise the offensive line for their play.

The receivers also played a big role for the Huskers against Illinois with their downfield blocking that really opened up the running game. That doesn't show up in the paper or highlights...

Pelini also took time to poke some fun at his reputation...

This week is the biggest game of the season to this point (and might be the biggest when it's over), so Pelini talked a little bit about Michigan State.

Michigan's handling of quarterback Shane Morris has drawn a lot of scrutiny, which raised a question about how Nebraska handles these situations. Pelini made sure to point out that others make that call, not him.

Cornerback Daniel Davie also spoke following his two interception night against Illinois.