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Cobs of the Week: Penn State, Michigan, Temple, and Stewart Mandel

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Anybody not named Brady Hoke recognized that Shane Morris shouldn't be in the game anymore.
Anybody not named Brady Hoke recognized that Shane Morris shouldn't be in the game anymore.
Leon Halip

Each week, the CN team nominates the worst of the weekend in college football to earn the Cob of the Week. Some weeks it's a struggle to find candidates; other weeks, it's a smorgasbord of suckage. And some weeks, one nominee stands out so much that sometimes it's hard to round out the nominations.  After all, we want our community to pick the Cob, so we HAVE to give you a choice.

This is one of those weeks.  But it's really your choice and your vote...who's the worst of this past weekend in college football?

Penn State

They went up on the board early with a remarkable six point performance against 1-2 Northwestern.  How screwed up was Penn State on Saturday?  Two of their offensive linemen (#59, Andrew Nelson and #72, Brian Gaia) blocked each other on a fourth and one play.  As you might expect, it didn't go well.

Michigan Players

Umm... the Weasels got pounded at home by Minnesota.  Seriously.  How bad was it?  Minnesota running back David Cobb rushed for 183 yards; Michigan totaled 171 yards of total offense.

Michigan Staff

We really had to break this one out separately. In the fourth quarter, ineffective Michigan quarterback Shane Morris started to be pummeled by the Gophers.  First, it was a leg injury which made it difficult for him to stay upright.  Then, he took a wicked shot to the head.  Morris is wobbly and has that dazed look that makes you suspect a concussion.  But Brady Hoke and company keep Morris in the game for another play before they finally realize that their quarterback needs medical attention.  In comes Devin Gardner in relief, but three plays later, Gardner's helmet comes off, which by rule means that either Gardner must leave the field for one play or Michigan must use one of their two remaining timeouts.  Mind you, the Weasels trail 30-7 at this point and there is about 10 minutes left in the game.  So guess what Hoke does?  He sends Morris back into the game for a play, then Gardner returns to finish the game...while Morris heads to the sideline, then gets carted to the locker room.

After that, in the post game press conference, Hoke denied knowing about any concussion and called Morris a "tough kid."

Everybody else in the football world knows that playing with a concussion isn't "tough", it's "stupid."  On Sunday evening, Hoke issued a statement that said that Michigan handled the situation properly.

Of course they did, from Hoke's perspective.  Of course, Hoke also thinks his team can also win the Big Ten.


Oh, Temple. How many ways can you screw up this kickoff return?

The funny thing is that UConn was it didn't even count.

Stewart Mandel

It looks like working for Fox is getting to Stewart Mandel. He thought he'd preview all of the matchups between Top 25 teams coming up this next weekend. missed one...

So you decided to include Arizona State at Southern Cal instead?