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Huskers vs Illinois: Photo Gallery

David thinks this is some of his best work yet. That is saying a lot!

CornNation's wizard behind the lens, David McGee, captured the sights of Homecoming 2014. Among the special events was a celebration of the 125th season of Husker football.

Of course, we would be remiss if we didn't mention the "Red Rising" alternate uniforms. You know where Adidas messed up with their design? Ameer's was missing the cape. We all figured Abdullah would run roughshod over a sketchy (to put it kindly) Illini defense, but when he was approaching 200 yards BEFORE halftime, the Twitterverse lit up with predictions of possible records. A knee bruise in the 3rd quarter put an end to Abdullah's night, but he made his Heisman statement loud and clear.

Let us not forget the takeaways. We have all wanted to see this defense get aggressive and force turnovers. Nate Gerry came through with a beautiful interception. During the runback, Randy Gregory's stole the highlight reel with a devastating block that brought back memories of Kenny Bell in the 2012 conference championship game.