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An Ode to 125 Years

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Today is the official celebration of 125 seasons of Cornhusker football. This week's corny kickoff poetry takes a look at what the Huskers mean to Nebraska.

Back in the day, 1890, we saw
A team of red-clad footballers
Play their first game for Nebraska.
Even then, there were hoots and hollers.

First win was Omaha YMCA
And just so that one was not alone
A perfect season was made
When the team did beat Doane

If you did not know, Doane is in Crete
#hiphophogwash and history meet

Husker fans treasure history
The football seasons number 1-2-5
Walk-on and scholarship equally
Cultivate an intense pride

Many seasons have come and gone
Young men have grown into more
Several conferences Nebraska has won
In all, made history and lore

Players here set the bar for an age
For example, see Rimington, Dave

And 3 Heismans have come
This program is more than a blip
And all who play are like our sons

People outside the Good Life
Point out the Huskers stand alone
The whole state stops on a dime
And cheers the Red Storm

Some think we should ashamed be
Because nothing else does compete

Laugh they do, and say "flyover state!"
Nothing else going on so Huskers alone
Entertain those with limited plates
Said in condescending tones

What they think is cause, ‘Tis really effect
Other activities do not gain much start
It is a mistake if they expect
To pry the Big Red from Nebraska hearts

125 seasons the whole state has seen
All cheering for the Scarlet & Cream

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