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The Big Red Cobcast: Thug U, Thug U Very Much

In this episode we talk about the Miami game, whether or not Vincent Valentine is like a hot, thick chick and how many playoff games are the right number.

David McGee

I want to personally thank Miami for coming into to Lincoln and proving 2 things.

  1. Ameer Abdullah is the one true Heisman. They should give it to him now and retire the award forever.
  2. That we are DEFINITELY going to win the first ever NCAA playoff. It’s gonna be so beautiful.

Every morning I wake up and I do my daily routine. I brush my teeth and then I drink coffee (I do these in that order because the mint replaces the need for flavored creamers). Then I go down stairs and tell my beautiful fiancé that I love her equally as much as Ameer Abdullah. It makes her face shine because she knows that it means something to be loved that much. Most people go through life and never experience a love as strong as the love I feel for Ameer. Its totally hetero in case you were wondering. I mean, I admit that he’s an attractive man but I’m not into him like that. Yet.

Its hard to explain the way I feel about the future Heisman trophy winner. I think the best way to describe it would be a combination of the way a mother feels for her children, plus the way I felt about Hulk Hogan when I was a 10 year old man and how I was inwardly when I first had the string theory extrapolated to me. Yes, extrapolated to me.

I think we can all agree he’s the greatest footballer of all time.

Which brings me to my second favorite footballer of all time. The rest of this years Cornhusker squad. I mean, you can’t cover Bell and Westerkamp at the same time! Sometimes I feel like they are both omnipresent. Pierson El is like the flash. Gregory is like the Incredible Hulk and Byerson Cockrell has the best name for a football player EVER. The only better name would be if a kids LEGAL name was Stoneface Jackson III and he only beats out Cockrell because there were 2 (two) Stonefaces before him. Otherwise, it’s a wash.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Bring on ‘Bama. You know what the difference between Obama and ‘Bama is? Yes, it’s the O. As in "O shit the Huskers are better than the entire SEC. COMBINED." You can quote me on that.

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