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Corn Flakes: 2014 Season Setting Up For A Bloody Ending

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Leon Halip

Yesterday I state that Michigan needs to fire Athletic Director Dave Brandon and start over. I'll stand by that because I don't see any way that their staff is going to improve things before this season is over. Blood is in the water and the sharks are already circling as you can see the reaction to the Coke campaign gone awry by Michigan's athletic department.

Will Muschamp Will Get Fired This Year - Team Speed Kills

I'm calling now what I knew a week ago but didn't want to say: Will Muschamp is going to get fired during or shortly after this season.

It's becoming apparent that Will Muschamp isn't going to make it out of this season as Florida's head coach.

Kansas vs. Central Michigan: Do You Really Feel Any Better? - Rock Chalk Talk

Kansas beat Central Michigan 24-10 this weekend and perhaps Charlie Weis bought himself a little more goodwill with Kansas fans, but should a win like this actually warrant that?

Another obvious choice - Charlie Weis at Kansas. Nobody really gives a damn about KU football, not even Jayhawk fans. After the bloody mess that's been made of their football program since Mark Mangino was fired, can anybody blame them?

The Measuring Stick - Wide Right & Natty Lite

Last season's thrashing in Waco was an all-time low for the Iowa State program. What should expectations be when the Bears come to Ames on Saturday?

Paul Rhoads - Iowa State is another potential candidate, but I don't see a lot of screaming from the Cyclone fan base. Plus, Rhoads beat Iowa this season and he's hard to dislike, but sooner or later you have to produce some results. Granted, he's in a bad situation - in a conference where there isn't equal revenue sharing and few resources with which to work.

Tim Beckman - Illinois, hasn't shown much progress. Mike Leach - Washington State, Darrell Hazell - Purdue. Leach has had time to produce results, while Hazell - well, how much does Purdue care about their football program? I haven't even bothered looking at programs like Florida International....

2014 is setting up to be a bloody year for coach firings. One has to wonder how many will be fired before the season ends.


Danny Woodhead out for the year due to ankle injury -
Danny Woodhead will not return to action in 2014 after he was carted off Sunday with an ankle injury.

Lions release Nate Freese, sign Alex Henery -
The Lions are making a move at kicker after watching rookie Nate Freese struggle through the first three games of his NFL career.

College Football Playoff contenders, as analyzed by a total dunce -
Tommy Armstrong? Maybe, but Tommy Armaccurate would be more beneficial to Nebraska.

Pac-12 Review: This conference will be the death of us - California Golden Blogs
The proliferation of speedy, lethal offenses means that college football is even more stressful than it used to be.

Thoughts From The South Endzone: A Nightmare - And The Valley Shook
How do you talk about something like last night? There are others here who will do a better job of breaking down just exactly what happened (eventually, if I can find them), but from my seat...

Ole Miss and Mississippi State are Both in the Top-15 which, to Put it Lightly, is Uncommon - Red Cup Rebellion
The Ole Miss Rebels and the Mississippi State Bulldogs are both in the Associated Press top-15. The last time that happened was nearly 56 years ago.

Florida vs. Tennessee: Gators' make-or-break game at Neyland set for noon, SEC Network - Alligator Army
Florida will see Tennessee at high noon.

Alabama QB Blake Sims is awesome at his job ... and so is his OC -
Lane Kiffin is adapting as an offensive coordinator, Blake Sims is a perfect Kiffin muse, Florida State's running game is becoming a legitimate problem, Oregon needs to plug a leak, and other thoughts from Week 4 of the college football season.

Clemsoning, defined

How would I define Clemsoning? I think it’s pretty simple: it’s the act of losing a game to a lesser team that you have no business losing to.

Oh, that's "Clemsoning". When Clemson runs the shittiest fourth down play ever, essentially throwing away the chance at knocking off the #1 team and a conference foe, we must be referring to "Clempsoning". That's where the misunderstanding comes in.

Georgia Tech promoting fan whiteout by giving away Stormtrooper helmets -
Among the most appropriate student promotions any athletic department has ever launched.

Buy 2 Cokes, get 2 free Michigan tickets -
Michigan Men must be stoked about this deal!

No easy fix coming for Michigan Wolverines' offense - ESPN
The problems with Michigan’s offense are clear. The solutions, for a group that needs to get itself turned around in a hurry if coach Brady Hoke is going to keep his job after the 2014 season, are not.

VIDEO: Greg Mattison gets emotional talking Hoke, sideline argument - Maize n Brew
"I'm out there in the middle of the field during a timeout and I've got an official telling me to get back because I want to strangle him," Mattison said. "Then I've got the head coach being a head coach."

Breakdown Sports: Coaching Points: Utah vs Michigan, 2014
Here's the thing that spoke most to me: Michigan came out in the 2nd half of a 13-10 game and looked completely flat. That had no spark, no energy, and seemed to be going through the motions. It looked to me like they didn't believe any more. To me, that speaks to where this team is at with respects to this coaching staff. Even in the ND game, to me, it looked like they just got beat, but not that they gave in. This was a different scenario.

THE TAKEAWAY: PITT - Black Heart Gold Pants
Sure, Iowa just scored a big victory over host Pittsburgh, 24-20. But how much do we really know? What was really important about beating the Panthers? What does it all mean, Basil? The Takeaway has the answer.

You sent the kids to the game: A thank you - Inside NU
It was an incredible day for this group of Evanston youth.

I RODE A HORSE - Black Heart Gold Pants
This is for you, BHGP. I got on that dang horse for you.

Big Ten announces 2014-15 hockey television schedule - Bucky's 5th Quarter
Wisconsin will have 14 hockey games broadcast on television this season, including nine on BTN.

Nebraska's Abdullah: Jameis Winston must grow up
He's a very intelligent young man," he said. "But he's made his fair share of mistakes. It gets to the point where you feel like he needs to start understanding and take things more seriously because these things can alter what happens in his future."

Miami Hurricanes Football: Breaking Down the Ugly Truth in Photos/Videos - State of The U
The 'Canes couldn't come close to stopping Ameer Abdullah and Nebraska's running game. There are several obvious reasons why.

The Miami Chess Match | Hail Varsity
After a lively game, Nebraska players and coaches took the time Monday to reflect some of the strategy behind the Miami game.

Breakdown Sports: Coaching Points: Miami vs Nebraska, 2014

Maliek Collins I want to start with Ameer Abdullah, because I should start with Ameer Abdullah, but damn, this guy has me excited right now. Here's the essence of my notes with regards to Collins:

Really good breakdown of Nebraska vs Miami.

Miami Nebraska Trip Recap - Positives and Negatives - State of The U

I give my thoughts on the Nebraska game, highlighting the positives and negatives from Miami's performance on Saturday night. The outcome wasn't what I had hoped for, but my trip to Lincoln was still a great experience.

I've come to the conclusion that I should attend my next Nebraska game wearing our opponent's colors because we seem to treat visitors a helluva lot better than we treat ourselves.

BTW, don't forget to check out the fanposts!