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Bo Pelini Press Conference Summary (9/22/14): Ameer's "Special Performance"

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Eric Francis

Prior to today's press conference, the Big Ten announced that Nebraska's 7 pm game against Michigan State would be televised by ABC.  Previously, while the time had been set, ABC/ESPN had not decided which of their networks would televise the game.

At the start of the press conference, Bo praised Big Ten co-offensive player of the week Ameer Abdullah and the crowd.

Tim Beck also got some kudos for the game plan.

Defensively, Pelini wasn't as pleased with the execution of the back seven.

Trevor Roach played well enough to start against Illinois, but Josh Banderas is too talented to bury on the bench. He should get some opportunities to redeem himself.

Pelini wasn't pleased about the scrums that broke out in the second half.

Tommy Armstrong also spoke and talked about focusing on the game in front of them this week:

Good attitude because you never really know what opponent will show up each week. The Indiana team that beat Missouri on Saturday looked nothing like the Indiana team that lost to Bowling Green the week before.