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Twitter Recap: Sex Ed Instructor, Popcorn and blowing away the Hurricanes

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Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

I’m sure we have all experienced this at some point.

Faux Pelini shares on thoughts on the Adrian Peterson situation.

Everything makes sense now.

Oh boy not again.

Michael Rose wants everyone to be sensible of each other.

He makes a good point.

Michael Rose speaks the truth.

Faux Pelini and Kenny Bell take shots at the NCAA and NFL.

Never give up Scotland.

Of course Faux Pelini reached out to Miami Football. I don’t think it went as planned.

This is quite the handy mascot guide.

Well this is bizarre.

And later on…

The life of a college athlete on game day.

Meanwhile Faux Pelini and Mike Sadler had another hilarious conversation.

Michael Rose took a shot at Miami’s dismal attendance record.

The first of many selfies?

Someone got Faux Pelini really angry.

The Nebrasketball coaches got some great seats to this game.

Here are some tweets posted after the game.

Faux Pelini wants Florida State to break the rules.

East Carolina’s jump into the polls has grabbed Faux Pelini’s attention.

And last but not least…

I hope these tweets made your Monday morning better. What was your favorite tweet? If you missed it, here is last week's Twitter Recap. To be honest, this is probably the best weekly compilation of Faux Pelini's tweets I have ever put together. GO BIG RED!!!