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Cobs of the Week: Michigan, Missouri, Clemson, Jameis Winston and Erick Flowers

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Gregory Shamus

Hoo boy! This week what we lack in quantity, we have in quality with at least two nominees that would be a shoo-in to win most weeks. For those of you new to CornNation, the Cob of the Week goes to the team or individual that represents the worst of the past weekend in college football.

And this weekend, we have four candidates for you to choose from for the worst in college football


Offense looks inept, player look largely uninterested. Offensive line couldn't block high school players.

Michigan needs to fire Athletic Director Dave Brandon and do a complete reboot. The Big Ten needs Michigan to be good.


Indiana's defensive line beat up Missouri's offensive line in this game. I don't know what happened, but it was honestly a completely different Hoosier team than anyone has ever seen before.



Clemson goes for it on a fourth down with less yardage to go than less than an average male appendage and they choose to run a play that takes too long and runs to the outside when they could have had their QB lean over and get a first down.

Seriously. his male appendage could have held the ball, leaned over, first down.

Jameis Winston

We all know what Winston yelled in the student union last week. (We don't need to repeat it either.) While we could nominate Florida State fans for trying to play the "Jameis is being persecuted" card, we'll go with the Heisman Trophy winner for trying to play anyway.

Miami LT Ereck Flowers

We could probably name a bunch of Hurricanes for some of their old-school antics on the field, but let's go with left tackle Ereck Flowers, who told Husker fans they were number one.  Wait...different finger.

The refs noticed and gave him a fifteen yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty after Miami's final touchdown.