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Corn Flakes: Still Hating Miami After All These Years

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To say that I still hate Miami after all these years would be an understatement.

A disclosure - I didn't actually see the 1984 Orange Bowl live, at least not all of it. Mom and I were on a trip that would take us from Nebraska down through Texas and into Arizona. We were in El Paso that night after having driven through a blizzard. We started watching in a hotel room and when Miami jumped out to a 17-0 lead in the first quarter, I thought Mom was going to have a heart attack (even though she never seemed to care that much about football), so we went out to eat.

The fact that going for two became part of Tom Osborne's legacy has taken some of the sting out of that game over the years,

but it still sucked mightily that we had to put up with the "Why doesn't Tom Osborne eat his cereal in a bowl" jokes that came later.

The 1992 22-0 drubbing at their hands was sheer pain. I watched it in a small neighborhood bar with Mrs. CN, and the last thing I remember that night was throwing up in the toilet, not entirely because of alcohol, partially because of how overmatched Nebraska was in the game. It was clear

2002 - Nebraska didn't belong in that game. There was a massive amount of complaining about Nebraska getting selected over Colorado, but they were edged out in strength of schedule by the tiniest of margins (HA HA HA HA). Then Florida lost to Tennessee (HA HA HA HA) and Tennessee lost to LSU in the SEC title game. That Rose Bowl was not a fun game to watch, but I took solace in the fact that nobody was going to beat Miami that season.

It wasn't just Nebraska's losses against Miami, it was that they were a team full of jackassery. Jimmy Johnson was a damned good coach and I admired his aggressiveness, but I hated his teams nonetheless. Nowadays we'd talk about their swagger, and come up with memes to celebrate their bravado, but I found nothing redeeming in their multitude of personal foul penalties. If that's a "Get Off My Lawn" statement, then I was there a long time before the line got popular.

The 1995 Orange Bowl win was the best game Osborne ever coached. Wearing down the Miami defense was masterful, and Corey Schlesinger's runs were two of the most beautiful plays in Cornhusker history. The fact that we came back to win and Osborne getting his first national title does not take away the hate that I still feel for Miami.

I don't care that they've had some down years lately; I wouldn't care if they were 0-12 last season, I still want us to crush them, smash their hopes and dreams, see grown Miami fans crying in the stands and make them wonder if they'll ever build their program back into the power it once was.

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This fan owns.

At least they have one.....

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At least it's not more of that hiphophogwash!!!!

Your grandma could have scored with tackling like that!