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Corn Flakes: What Do We Know About Nebraska?

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Three games into the season, and what do we know about our beloved Cornhusker football team?

Nebraska has played two FBS/Division IA schools, both with horrible defenses. Florida Atlantic currently ranks dead last, 128th, in total defense, while Fresno State ranks right ahead of them at 127. They're giving up 589 and 596 yards per game, respectively. That's the story line, anyway, but those teams didn't just get there by themselves; Nebraska was a definite contributor in their extremely poor ranks.

We know that we have the potential for an explosive offense. Ameer Abdullah looks better than he did last year and last year he was phenomenal. Tommy Armstrong Jr is developing into a decent quarterback, but as Mike pointed out in his Fresno State report card, his completion percentage must improve.

The offensive line isn't as dominant as one might expect. The offense has put up some great numbers, but to this point they've looked more like Heck In A Helmet than the hell they were supposed to unleash (cheap joke, had to take it). They are simply not blowing people off the ball in the run game, or at least as much as I expected. They are doing a good job pass blocking, only one sack allowed through three games.

I'm not sure that we know much about our defense. Top playmaker Randy Gregory has missed a lot of action, and as we all know he can be a game changer. The defensive line looks like they might be exceptional and getting Gregory back in the mix will only elevate the rest of the front four.

I don't have a lot of feeling for the back seven. Josh Mitchell has grown into a pretty decent cornerback, and this is Zaire Anderson's year to make a name for himself. My general feeling here is that there are some individuals who are capable of making great plays, but we still haven't seen the defense come together as a total entity. I know It's early in the season, but they could be further along.

We know that we've found a weapon in the punt return game. DeMornay Pierson-El has made a big difference on special teams; more amazing because he's only started his first few games.

Your thoughts are welcome.

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