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Fresno was a weird place. It brought back images of what 90's suburbia looked like on television. It felt like a cross section of American culture. Almost twilight zone-ish. The scenery was like California, the smell was like Nebraska and the people were like Alabama.

The football team, however, was like McNeese State.

Ol' Jonny Boy Johnston was kind enough to let me take a camera, jump a few fences and make my way to a Husker side line. I gotta admit, I felt like the 14 year old version of me, surrounded by Cornhusker football players, mascots and cheerleaders. It was magical. I never wanted to leave and I can't wait to go back.

There's something about having a media pass that made me feel powerful. It made me feel important, smart and tough all at the same time. I wanted to suit up and jump on the field and tackle a punter. Specifically a punter because they felt the weakest to me and I was pretty sure I could take one. I FELT MIGHTY.

It's a good thing Jon can't let me be a cop.

[Editor's note: Hmmmm.... maybe if he gave out parking tickets...]