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Bo Pelini Weekly Press Conference (9/15/2014): Sterup and Burtch to Return

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Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Not a lot from this week's Bo Pelini weekly press conference, other than some injury updates.  Zach Sterup, Sam Burtch, and Kevin Williams are fine and should return to practice this week.  Brandon Reilly is still battling a hamstring issue that's been bothering him from preseason practice.

Pelini talked about how he would have liked to run the ball more at Fresno State, especially as the game wore on, but with the way the Bulldogs were playing defense, Nebraska pretty much had to throw the ball at times. Pelini did mention that he'd prefer that Tommy Armstong not risk injury by trying to leap defenders.

Turning to this week's game against Miami, Pelini acknowledged that this is the biggest game the team has played this season.

And for what it's worth, he would have done the same thing as Tom Osborne did in 1983.

The players spoke a bit as well:

Big plays are nice, and lowering turnovers is great. But Armstrong now needs to improve his completion percentage.

While it's a lot of fun for everybody else to take shots at the rest of the Big Ten right now, it's clear that Nebraska needs to worry about itself and be the best they can be. Nebraska can't control whether Michigan State, Minnesota, or Wisconsin become challenging opponents. Nebraska can control how they play against those teams and make sure they are making themselves the best they can be. And that's all Nebraska can do.

Abdullah went on to talk about how the Huskers need to be much better up front.

"We lose our fundamentals sometimes. The guys are trying really hard ... But when you're in the game setting, the most important thing is your first step, keeping your first step on blocks -- just the fundamentals we work on every day in practice."

For what it's worth with Miami, it looks like true freshman quarterback Brad Kaaya will be the guy this week. Kevin Olsen was arrested for DUI and possessing a fake or stolen ID, so he continues to be suspended. There's no sign that Ryan Williams is ready to play at this point.

Imani Cross has been underutilized the first three weeks of the season, but he's not complaining publicly.