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Big Red Cobcast: More Like Fresno(t) That Good State

Its week 3 and the Huskers are still looking like the likely National Champs.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

What did we learn on Saturday? We learned that the Fresno State Bulldogs are easily kenneled and that the Huskers D-Line were their personal Michael Vick. It wasn't even fair.

I can't wait until it's an SEC team that we unleash Westerkamp, Abdullah and Pierson El on. Its gonna feel so good, like the Huskers are Hulk Hogan, the fans are the Hulkamaniacs and Alabama is the thing we're gonna run wild on. Brother.

I've seen enough now to make my biggest prediction yet: We beat Miami by 4,000 points. Abdullah has 2100 yards by himself, Pierson El returns 3 punts for touchdowns and every player on our offense gets 100 yards rushing including nephew Pelini and Stanton.

I have a story for you and its important, so listen up. Bo Pelini once fought a hurricane when he was in Louisiana. The story goes that the hurricane was threatening the coast right outside of Baton Rouge and Bo Pelini walked right out into the water and said "Hey you Hurricane, why don't you go back into the ocean where you belong" Then he punched that hurricane right in the eye. The hurricane left and the small coastal town was saved, but Pelini being the man of character that he is never told a soul. Except me and this drunk guy at a bar in Ohio down the street from Cardinal Mooney. True Story.

In this weeks episode the Canale Bros stayed in Los Angeles and I met up with Bob Wiltfong and his bro Tim in a seedy hotel room in the beautiful raisin region of Fresno California. We talked about the destruction of FSU, meth mouth and how good it will feel to beat Miami at home in front of the world and settle this rivalry once and for all.

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