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Cobs of the Week: Kirk Ferentz, Fresno State Offensive Line, Athletic Directors, B1G, and Southern Cal

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Once again, it's time to nominate the worst of the weekend in college football.  And frankly, this weekend's schedule generally sucked so much that it's resulting in a nomination.  So without further a due, here are this week's candidates for the Cob of the Week!  Vote below, then tell us why in the comments:

Kirk Ferentz

No, we're not nominating him for his $3 million per year buyout contract. Even NFL coaches, as dull and herd-like as they are, have figured out for several years that the whole "call timeout immediately before they snap a last-second FG" move is really dumb and have quit doing it, but not ol' Kirk, apparently. It's even dumber in college (because there's a better chance the kicker misses the first try, like Iowa State's did), but that didn't stop Ferentz from screwing his team over.

Fresno State's Offensive Line

Count Randy Gregory as not being in your fan club.

It's not like Nebraska should have been surprised by it.  They did it to Southern Cal and Utah. Bottom line is that it's cheap, and it's the sign of an offensive line that can't man up and block an opposing defense. It is a good way to injure opposing players.

On the other hand, every team does it from time to time as well. So if we're going to nominate FSU for it, we probably should name every team.  So which is it?  Well, you tell us.  That's what our comments section is for.

College Football Athletic Directors

It was a really crappy schedule of games this weekend.  Georgia/USC was pretty good, but that was a conference game.  In non-conference games, we got a prime-time matchup between Purdue and Notre Dame.  Oklahoma and Tennessee would have been a good game 12 years ago.  How bad was it?  ABC televised Ohio State's game against Kent State.  I know the story is that teams can't resist money games, but if we go to all Power-5 scheduling games only against Power-5 teams, we might start getting some games worth watching.  I mean, not everybody can play Kansas.


One advantage of only scheduling Power-5 schools would be that Big Ten teams couldn't lose to schools from the MAC anymore. Of course, Iowa still finds a way to lose to Iowa State.  Minnesota drops a big #2 in the bowl against TCU.  Arguably, this week might have been even worse for the Big Ten than last week.

Southern Cal

The Trojans couldn't run the ball, and couldn't find a way to stop Boston College's Tyler Murphy, who rushed for 191 yards. Southern Cal had a chance to come back, but gave up a 66 yard touchdown run with half-hearted tackling  to Murphy with just 3:30 left in the game.  Dagger.

So who is it?  Who gets the Cob for this week?