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Huskers Drop One Spot In Coaches Poll After Fresno State Victory

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Yes, you just read that title right.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Your Nebraska Cornhuskers trounced the Fresno State Bulldogs last night by the score of 55-19. They never trailed in the entire game and it was never a doubt who would win after the 1st quarter.

So, how does the Amway Coaches Poll treat Nebraska? They drop them one spot to 22nd.

No, we aren't kidding. Look for yourself.

Ranking Team
1 Florida State (50)
2 Alabama (1)
3 Oregon (6)
4 Oklahoma (4)
5 Auburn
6 Baylor
7 Texas A&M
9 Notre Dame
11 Michigan State
12 Ole Miss
13 Arizona State
14 Georgia
15 Stanford
16 South Carolina
17 Wisconsin
18 Ohio State
19 Missouri
20 Kansas State
21 USC
22 Nebraska
23 BYU
24 Clemson
25 North Carolina

So, a USC team that lost to Boston College is above Nebraska. Seems legit huh?

The AP poll drops later this afternoon. We'll have that for you as well.