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How Did Others Call Ameer Abdullah's Game Winning Touchdown?

David McGee

Perhaps you watched it live and in person, like I did. Perhaps you watched it on ESPNU or listened to it on the Husker Sports Network. You probably haven't heard the KRNU or McNeese State broacasts, so we're bringing them to you.

First, for reference, here's the play from ESPNU:

Next, here's how students in UNL's school of Journalism called the play on KRNU, the campus radio station.

Color commentator Bailey Neel: "No words, No words."

Finally, here's how the McNeese State announcers called it on Gator 99.5 back in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Sense the disappointment here? It's hard to blame them, as McNeese looked to be ready to pull off the upset of the year, only to have it go all for naught in the final minute.

"It's caught. I don't think... OH MAN! He avoids the, He avoids the (unrecognizable)... It's Abdullah. Look out, he could go!  Oh my goodness! NO!!! NOOO!!! NOOOO!!! We had him stopped behind the first down markers and Ameer Abdullah, the Heisman candidate, takes it the distance. 20 seconds remaining in the ball game.  Nebraska has taken the lead."

And finally, one with sound effects (including Yakety Sax)...