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Nebraska Students Can't Decide Between a BlackOut and a RedOut Against Miami

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The last Blackout in Lincoln didn't work very well at all.
The last Blackout in Lincoln didn't work very well at all.
Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday morning, the "Husker Boneyard," claiming to represent the student section, issued the call for a Blackout for the Huskers game against Miami.

Nevermind that the last Blackout didn't go so well against UCLA last year, but whatever.

But then this afternoon, Lambda Chi Alpha issued the call for a Redout, in conjunction with Team Jack, the foundation set up by Jack Hoffman's family to help raise awareness and funds for pediatric brain cancer.

With September being "National Childhood Cancer Month," the RedOut is an attempt to build on that momentum. Unfortunately, that presents a conundrum for Husker fans, as our Brian Towle found out.

Talk about dropping the guilt card.

So which is it? It's clear that the students are divided, and unless an agreement can be made, both are going to be a failure.  There are some possibilities for compromise:

  • Move one of them to the Illinois game.  The most logical move would be to move the RedOut to the Illinois game the following week to coincide with the Red Rising theme from adidas.  It's still in September, so it's still Childhood Cancer Month.
  • Cancel the Blackout theme. It didn't really work against UCLA, both in the stands and on the final scoreboard.  And some people simply don't consider black to be an appropriate color for the Big Red.  (Nevermind that the defense has been the Blackshirts for 50 years.)  The whole point of the color scheme is to turn the stadium a unifying deeper scheme, and while every Husker fan has something red to wear, many don't have something black.
  • Students wear black, everybody else wears red. Interesting idea, but I suspect that a two tone stadium isn't going to work very well. It'll be a failure on both sides because people will pick a side, either to support Team Jack in the student sections or to support the students in the rest of the stadium.

But it's important to for the fraternities and the organizers of the student section to come to a solution quickly. Team Jack is already promoting the sale of red shirts for the game.  Personally, I'd vote for the Red Out, as that's the approach that's most likely to succeed.

And that's what this is about, isn't it?