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Husker Haiku With a Bonus #TeamJack Ode

A classy joint like this deserves some haiku. As a special bonus, Greg broke out his rhyme skills with an ode for #TeamJack

Eric Francis

I wrote a kickoff poem for week 1. The Huskers rolled. I did not for week 2. The Huskers almost got Appalachian-State-ed. Therefore, kickoff poetry is back.

The CN team put their heads together for some #huskerhaiku. If haiku isn't your thing, you absolutely MUST scroll to the bottom to see @thehooch36 's ode for Team Jack. A shout-out goes to CN member Bubbasan for his contribution to the cause.

On the road again

No #hiphophogwash sideshow

Turn it up in Crete

Ameer is awesome

Your DC should prob-ly know...

Game plan. #fearameer

Wideouts not healthy

Westercatches still amaze

Get well soon y’all

Runza restaurant,

Please send opponent cabbage

Compliments of me

O-line: please block well

As if Heisman could follow

And get longer shirts

Hmm, run or throw?

I know not what to say next


Cats. Cats everywhere

And then regular season

Wakes us up again

Diamond Formation

More Diamond Formation Now


Oh, you didn't know?

You've got to throw to the 'Fro

T-Hoog never stops.

Armstrong in the gun

Toss to Abdullah. 'Round the end.

Touchdown Nebraska

An Ode for TeamJack

(by @thehooch36)

Little Jack Hoffman sat on the sideline
Watching his Huskers play.
When along came Pelini who whispered to Andy
"Let's really make Jack's day."
Out to the huddle walked Number One,
The youngest lad to join the team.
The boys broke to the line, Jack took the ball,
And was led up the field by "3."
Thousands roared triumphantly
As Jack weaved in and out
Not yet a flash of lightning,
Yet he left defenders strewn about.
Long before and forever more,
Husker Nation supports Team Jack.
So that the toughest kid from "The Good Life" knows
We've always got your back.