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Is Memorial Stadium Now Too Loud? A Letter To The Editor Says It Is...

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Someone went to the OpEd page of the LJS today to talk about how too loud North Stadium is now. The internet reacted.

That speaker is far out, man.
That speaker is far out, man.
David McGee

So, if you're in Lincoln, you probably picked up a copy of this morning's Lincoln Journal-Star this morning, whether you get it delivered or at U-Stop with the Pumpkin Spice Cappuccino.

You flip it to Sports to get the takes on the Nebraska Cornhuskers, as well as the front page and the funnies. Then you get to the Local spot, and you flip through the Letters to the Editor. And this one... THIS ONE.

Now, to be completely empathetic to Mr. Ackerman, when you replace 20 year old speakers with something bigger and better, it will be louder. And, if you're sitting in North Stadium and right under those bad boys, yes it's going to be louder.

The internet, however, had a different opinion...

We do realize that new things at Memorial Stadium is hard to take sometimes. I mean, folks are calling Lincoln Police over the new fireworks and such. However, change isn't necessarily a bad thing when it helps your program out.

As far as music goes, well, that is something where you can't please everyone. For those wanting the dulcet tones of the Glenn Miller Band, you want a group wanting Korn and Limp Bizkit, while others want Dre and Beyonce. And, lord knows, there's a Justin Bieber fan in there wanting a bone thrown his way.

Now, if you're in the stadium and you're having issues with talking to someone next to you, here are some helpful tips for you to enjoy your experience:

- Use that brand new WiFi system to text your friend next to you that the guy behind you won't stop talking about when he saw Nebraska beat Oklahoma in 94. 
- Bring a white board and marker! You can write a lot of things, plus give directions and such to folks around you. 
- Remember all those cups you take out? Take a couple (preferably with all soda out of it) and put them around your ears. It may not be quieter, but you'll know what a full stadium would sound like under the ocean! 
- Sign language is always helpful. 
- If it's unbearable, ask your handy dandy ticket agent if you can switch seats in the stadium to a place where it's quieter.