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Bo Pelini Press Conference 9/1/2014: Randy Gregory Gets His Knee Scoped

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Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

At his weekly press conference, Bo Pelini reported that Nebraska junior defensive end Randy Gregory underwent arthroscopic knee surgery to clean up an old basketball injury that flared up on the first series against Florida Atlantic.  He probably won't play against McNeese State, but could be back for the Fresno State game.

In other injury news, offensive tackle Zach Sterup is expected to return to practice on Tuesday.

Looking ahead to McNeese State, this week's opponent, Bo Pelini isn't quite sure what to expect this week.  Last year, they ran a pro style attack but were reportedly moving to more of a zone read offense this spring. So it'll be a react situation on Saturday, since it's McNeese State's season opener.

Other comments from the head coach:

That's why we still use 1-A and 1-AA at CornNation to distinguish between the various levels. We know what that means. FBS/FCS/Legends/Leaders...never quite sure, so we use clearer terms. There's no need to confuse things.

Other quotes from the players:

Well that, and Nebraska can't seem to scheme a punt return, so why not?